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A pandemic is one of the several issues the prepper community worry about.  Now is a good time to start thinking about what if the next pandemic kills and  sickens healthy young people and children ? 


What if the the internet banking grid is attacked and we can not buy things.  What if the power grid is knocked out for a year.

Our state and federal government response to the pandemic and the civil unrest of the fall of 2020 has awaken people to become preppers.  Prepping media, suppliers and trainers are very busy now.

Our world has changed and we can not unknown what    we know.  Which is our state and federal government politicians can not and are not really interested in taking care take care of us if that interferes with there long term goals of personal gain.

Now is a good time to organized the food water, medical supplies, fuel and equipment you have into short and  long term storage.