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                        Coronvirus & Civil Unrest

A pandemic is one of the several issues the prepper community worry about.  Now is a good time to start thinking about what if the next pandemic kills and sickens healthy people ?  What if the the internet banking grid is attacked and we can not buy things.  What if the power grid is knocked out for a year.

Our state and federal government response to the pandemic and the civil unrest of the fall of 2020 has awaken people to become preppers.  Prepping media, suppliers and trainers are very busy now.

Our world has changed and we can not unknown what we know.  Which is our state and federal government politicians can not and are not really interested in taking care take care of us if that interferes with there long term goals of personal gain.

Now is a good time to organized the food water, medical supplies, fuel and equipment you have into short and long term storage. 


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                               Website Mission

My website mission is to gather up all the great prepper information on the internet so new preppers can educate themselves on the dangers we face and what training, equipment and supplies are available. 


Look around here for a subject that you are interested in or concerned about and go to that Prepper Resource.  

I believe you will receive the same advice from all the resources when it comes to food, water, shelter, bugging in or bugging out.  This gives you the option of taking in the information in the format you use the most such as podcasts, YouTube, websites or audio books.  Another option is taking in the information from a personality type that you enjoy learning from.  If you like the direct approach then Jack Spirko will serve you well.  If you like a more gentle approach then Doc Bones and Nurse Amy would be a good place to start.


                               What is a Prepper

 The word Prepper is the new modern term for what we used to do in the old days.  Farmers grew food to eat today and to have for the next year if their crops failed.  They chopped firewood and repaired the roof for the coming winter.


The term Prepper also applies to what our grandfathers did when they built bomb shelters in the 1960s.  People living on the west coast prepare for earthquakes, Midwest prepare for tornadoes, east cost prepare for hurricanes.

Today's Preppers are joining the nature disaster group and are worried about our dependence on our modern heath care system, money and technology.  Could we survive several months without it ?

Prepping dose not have to be a doom and gloom subject or project.  Make a plan to prepare for the most likely thing to happen, such as a job loss or injury.  Instead of living a life and fun and dread by living paycheck to paycheck and having a hang over of how will I ever pay this stuff off, pay off all of your credit card debts and loans. 

Buy a house to fix up and sell it in a few years.  Develop carpentry and mechanic skills so you can do half of the work yourself.

​Plant a garden and buy and store food that will last for years and when a job loss occurs or a major expense comes up then you do not have to go into debt.  You will have money in the kitchen cabinet as food.  You will have gas in your cans that needs to be rotated out.  Pour that cash into your tank.

                          About Prepper Rob

My Wife and I are in our mid 50's and have been prepping for about four years.  We have a 18 year old severely autistic child.  .

Below is a podcast where I was interviewed.

                 My Prepper Mission and Solutions            


My mission is to save the lives of the innocent children, special needs children and adults from the next pandemic and when the Power Grid is disabled for two years to all or two thirds of the continental USA.  I also want to guide New Prepper and Old Prepper through their fear of what other people are going to do.

Other things to prepare for are a disruption of the internet banking system, an economic collapse, and a pandemic virus that has parts of the county quarantine in there houses for months and a natural or man made disaster in this county or overseas that could disrupt the medication, water, food and fossil fuel supply.

Some Families that have been prepping for years still prepare from a place of fear.


Husbands and wives look at this issue differently and they have to come to an agreement on how much risk they want to take and sometimes one spouse is still in the state of laughter while the other spouse is working through their fear.

Due to the good work that the CIA and FBI are privately doing to stop these plots against the power grid and the security measures that utility companies have put in place have kept us from being attacked and this gives us time to go through the process of becoming fully prepared.

When you go into your second and third year of prepping I hope that you can prepare from a place of Joy that you survived to see the power comes back on instead of fear of what other people are going to do.

The solution is for every household to have a years worth of food, water, medical supplies, fuel and equipment.  

I am asking Men over the age of 45 to step into their elder energy and start networking with special needs and single parent families to gather them in compounds to protect them from groups of looters and bad guys from outside the neighborhood and drug seeking addicts inside the neighborhood for one month.  After a month the majority of theses people will be dead or out of gas to travel.

I believe Ladies fear that the men will be killed and the bad guys will come after them and the children.


Men you were created by God to be providers and protectors of the innocent.  

Ladies. Please take a risk and look at the Ladies Preppers drop down menu. 

The solution is for every county school corporation, church, mosque and synagogue in your neighborhood and across the USA to gather up supplies to establish a mini FEMA camp after the event happens.  This will give FEMA time to establish and fully stock camps in the larger cities.


Theses Mini FEMA camps will need twenty-five 55 gallon drums of water, a truckload of canned goods, two generators, 200 gallons of gas, medical supplies, propane tanks and grills.


These large and small FEMA Camps need to paint in bright orange " HELP '" on the parking lot. This will help our National Guard, Red Cross and relief agency from around the world to see where to air drop and deliver supplies. 

I Hope and Pray that the churches who already have a food bank program to help the poor will expand their food bank to include survival equipment and supplies.

For spiritual and disease control reasons I want to bury all the bodies of the senior citizens, bad guys-drug addicts and alcoholics who will die from alcohol poisoning in the first month and prepare the elderly for death when they run out of medication and support the drug addicts going through withdrawal.  

The Mega church should buy a small backhoe and a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank to bury theses bodies.  Smaller Church's and compounds need to have lots of shovels.

I believe that 25% of the populations is concerned and or already prepping in private. I am asking theses individuals to support and network with other families, compounds and mini FEMA camps at the church.


​                              The Utility Grid

I believe in the next Five to Ten years that a Terrorist or Rogue Nation will disrupt our internet banking system.  We will not be able to deposit our paychecks.  Our Debit, Credit and EBT cards will not allow us to withdrawal cash or make purchases of food, medicine or gasoline.

I believe in the next Five to Ten years that a Terrorist or Rogue Nation will disrupt the electric power grid for an extended period of time of months or years.  Water and Natural Gas are pumped into homes and buildings by electricity.  The water and natural gas companies have back up generators to keep the gas and water flowing      for a short term power outage. 

There are two ways they can disrupt the Electric Power and the Internet Banking Grid 
1. Destroy Key Links in the Power / Internet Banking Grid.

I am not going to give out the details on how this could be accomplished.  ​​

2.  Destroy the Power Gird with a Electromagnetic Pules         Nuclear Weapon  ( EMP )

Our power grid is vulnerable to a Coronal Mass Ejection     ( CME ) from the sun which would produce a natural EMP.  ​

A man made EMP can be created by exploding a nuclear weapon 40 miles above the target area. This would produce a none lethal to humans EMP wave of energy that would destroy the electric power grid and all micro circuity devices such as computers, cellphones, modern appliances that are plugged in.  

Airplanes have multiple back up system and will not fall out of the sky.  They may want to land quickly to check for damage.  Airports need to have back up control tower equipment in a Faraday storage container. 

The metal shell of an automobile will partially act as a Faraday cage and reflect some of the energy wave.

Cars and trucks that are not running at the time of the wave could survive. 

If you are driving when the wave flows over your vehicle it may stop running and the dash board lights may do crazy things. 

Have a professional driver on a closed course show you how to carefully move your gear shift from drive to neutral, coast and pull off to the side of the road.  Put it in park and try to restart.

Most vehicle should survive but even if one out of ten does not when you are driving they will be accidents and obstacles on the road.

I recommend Ted Koppel's book lights out.

I recommend reading the 2003 USA. Government EMP study report.

I recommend viewing the website of NASA scientists                  Dr. Arthur T. Bradley

The Five Prepping Stages of Denial 


( Hopefully Less of an issue after the Coronavirus )

1.  Laughter that this could happen.

2.  Feet Frozen in Overwhelming Fear.  


Fear of how myself and my family will survive when all the resources that electricity brings us stops flowing.

I belive that privately women fear that some men are going to turn into savages without the rule of law.  We will not be living in a area that has the rule of law when the electricity fails because there will not be any gasoline for the police, fire department or the EMS to come to your house when you call 911.  Women fear that spouses will be killed and then the bad guys will come after them and the children. 

Privately men have a greater fear of telling a woman or child that they can not help them then the fear of being attacked and killed by desperate people.

3.  Attacking the Messenger

By questioning his sources and credentials. Example. " You must have read that on the Internet and how can you speak about this when you do not have a degree in science, electrical engineering, medicine, psychology or herbal medicine ? "

This happens because the Message is Scary. 

4.  What is our government and the utility companies                 doing to prevent this ?

Arm chair quarter backs and anxious micro managers will ask our government and the electric, natural gas, water and Internet utility company. “What are you doing to prevent this ?  Are you following all the recommendations of the EMP commission ?  Do you need me to send you a copy of the report ? 

The statement behind their question is  " It is not my job to save myself or help hungry woman and children when the gird goes down.  It is the utility company and the governments responsibility.  Make sure this never happens.  So I will not be uncomfortable ! " 

5. Acceptance that working on a Shelter in Place and              Evacuation plan for these events is a good idea.

The Homegrown terrorist have information from the Internet on how our utility grid works and is laid out. They know how to attack it and are looking for the weak spot in our security.

They can find these by pretending to be a concerned citizens, searching media reports and asking the people who work at these locations security questions.  

Remember that  “Loose Lips Sink Ships” ( A World War II Warning ) Information can come out as innocent conversations with your children, family members, people at your church or organizations.  

For those who work at an electric, natural gas, water or internet utility company here is a polite and gossipy answer to security questions that will help you change the subject.

“My employer says we can't talk about that for security reasons and they are doing lots of things behind the scenes to protect and repair the gird after this happens.

They are worried to death about this because they know that people who have not prepared are going to blamed us. 

There are over 2000 different electric utility companies in the USA and Canada that are responsible for maintaining their part of the grid.  Publicly they will say.  "We are very dedicated to protecting our section of the grid."  Privately they will say "We do not want the media and all those unhappy customers angry at us.”

Instead of being part of the problem by asking questions be part of the solution by honoring and blessing the people that work at the utility company.  They are working to prevent this from happening.


The utility companies have water towers and back up generators.  To maintain the back up systems requires  utility workers to leave there families unprotected from  bad guys and desperate people. 

Do not ask the utility workers to sacrifice their family because you want your life to be normal again.

Honor and bless the utility workers who will be leaving there family in the protection of the compound two months after the majority of the bad and unhealthy people are dead to start to get some service to the hospitals. 

My goal is to guide people through these scary and unsettling five stages of prepper denial



                                Prepping Step 1.  

         Google It with Unemotional Critical Thinking

Use your internet search engine to review three pages about power grid vulnerability.

Click on Utility Grid in the menu above for the links that I have found listed by publishing date.

When you search USA power grid vulnerability you may find articles that believes that if the whole country is hit 90% of the population will die.

There theory dose not account for our military and Relief agencies of other countries that are going to come in and help.

Every cruse ship on the planet will head to the United States to take people off the coast.

If the two thirds of the utility grid (  east coast  ) is down FEMA, National Guard, Red Cross, Christian charities and large corporations who are in Texas and the west coasts states will send in buses to evacuate people who have not prepared.

             Prepping Step 2.      Reunited with Children

Create a plan to be reunited at home with your teenagers or younger children.  

A different plan is needed for summertime and school time that involves grandparents and other family members.

Schools must have a plan on how to deal with a EMP worst-case scenario or a regional attack on the power grid.  

If your school or daycare does not have a medium size generator, 100 gallons of gas, several 55 gallon drums of water and food you may have to provide these items yourself.  Groups of parents can get together to buy these things. 

See if your local city, county or school emergency response teams have a plan.  Join the PTA.  Get elected to the school board to advocate for a plan.  Visit the Principal to get permission to store the emergency items on the schools property.

If your child goes to daycare ask the daycare teacher " Will you take care of my child for the rest of his or her life if I do not make it make it home ? " This is a good way to get them to take this seriously.  You have to use a positive magician trick to install fear to get over there laughter in denial. 

                      Prepping Step 3.     Maturity

 ​My goal is to save the lives of innocent children, special needs adults and children by asking there parents " If they think it is a good idea to cancel there homeowner insurance after their mortgage on their home is paid off or to drive without auto insurance if it was not illegal ? "  

The goal of this question is to compare the understood need for insurance with new idea of having a shelter in place or leave the affected area plan.  

To survive a long term utility grid down event the tools that you need to sharpen and organize are not in your garage but in your mind. 

Those tools are a Healthy and Mature Mind, Body, Spirit and Bank Account.

Maturity is the ability to delay immediate pleasure and gain pleasure from hard work. It will take work on your maturity to be able to step away from this lifestyle and plan for a different type of lifestyle for months or years. This will not be fun.

I judge myself and everyone reading this to have room to expand their maturity on issues of Mind, Body, Spirit and Bank Account.

These are the areas that I struggle with.  


I am asking you to Choose Curiosity instead of Anger. 

​          Prepping Step 4.   How far away is Home ?


Look at where you live. If you have children and live more than a 30 minute drive from home then you are going to have to move home closer to work or get a job closer to the house or work from home.  

If they hit us with a worst-case scenario an EMP in middle of January communications and sources of heat will not work.  

Even if your car starts how much gas do you have ?

Walking home or to school / daycare will be the only option wearing your coveralls and boots from your get home bag in the middle of the day when the sun is out. 

                    Prepping Step 5.   Apartments                                                               

​The danger of living in an apartment in a utility grid down situation is fire.  Your neighbors will be trying to cook and stay warm with grills and bond fires.  The fire department will not have the personnel, fuel for the truck or strong city water pressure to put out a fire  

On the other hand driving out of the affected area before FEMA and the National Guard have set up gas stations along the evacuation rout is more dangerous.  You could break down, run out of gas, be stuck in traffic with other anxious and desperate people.  

Instead of abounding the shelter of your apartment right away do three rotating fire watch / trouble shifts.  One person has to be awake at all times. 

Financial advisers Dave Ramsey and Joshua Sheats will tell you that Apartments are temporary housing until you save up for your down payment on a house.

Pay off all your debts and start saving for a house in a working class neighbor. Fix that house up, flip it and buy one in the suburbs, flip it and buy a house where farm land meets the suburbs.  

This way you will have options to dig a well, put up windmills and solar panels and erect a large building with a concrete floor, bathrooms / showers to place travel trailers inside. You can not do that in the city.

You cannot store the gasoline that you will need to drives out of the affected area in an apartment. Try to find a storage unit place that is owned by a prepper who is already planning to have his bug out location there.  See if they will allow you to barter work for exchange of renting a storage unit.  

Store you water, generator and gasoline on a little trailer inside the unit.  Ask if their back up generator is going to be able to open the gate or if he will allow you to install a removable link in the gate chain that you could take apart and reassemble after you manually roll open and close the gate.

Have two ladders to climb over the fence and drop one on the other side and a letter of permission from the owner to show the police.

Also be working on having a reliable, well-maintained mini van with good tires and a hitch to tow the little trailer or pop up camper that you can load up and drive out of the area.  


              Prepping Step 6.     Organize your Home


Organize your house by getting rid of your junk and donating to Goodwill your office and social function clothes that are out of style.  Save all your jeans and sweatpants.  Save your children clothes.  They can be given to the orphans which you will be taking in.  Clean out the basement and garage.  Put up shelves. Move valuables out of the basement which will flood from rain water when the electric is off to run the sump pump 

            Prepping Step 7.    Fill your Storage Tubs                             

Buy lots of large storage tubs from Wal-Mart.  This is just as important for people living in apartments.  Have this stuff in tubs ready to go on the trailer / pop up camper to bug out or move to the new house.  Go to Dollar Tree / Everything’s a Dollar.  Start loading up on food, over the counter medical, toilet paper, kotex, medical / dipper supplies for infants and cleaning supplies that you use in one year.  

Do not be overly concerned about expiration dates on food and medicine. Do not buy name brand stuff the first year other than Children's Tylenol and Benadrly.  The Dollar Tree ibuprofen will only have 10 pills in the bottle.  Buy as many as you can carry.  This stuff is great for long-term storage and bartering. 


                                  Prepping Step 8.                                               Bug Out / Get Home Bags and Every Day Carry

The most important bug out / get home items to have is a full tank of gas and $100.00 or more in cash.  Create a good habit of keeping your gas tank get above 1/2 full. Credit cards will not work and cash can get you things you need to get home or to a safe place while every one else is in shock.

People living in the suburbs have more time to assemble these items in their car because their goal may be to get home verses get out of town.

Bug out bags do not have to be overwhelming and the stuff dose not have to be in carrying strap bags.  Go to wall mart and get some tubs and start filling them with stuff you have in your closets.  Later on you can find strollers, carts and diaper bags at the DAV / Goodwill or on sale.

For those living in the inner city and apartments here is my list.


Summer and Winter Clothes 

Rain / vinyl coats, hooded sweat shirts, socks, boots and walking shoes.

Light weight and heavy coveralls if you have to walk home from work.

Medium size stroller if you have to abandon your car or to roll around inside the FEMA camp.


Cellphone and table chargers, battery powered and solar cell phone charges and USB cables.  Flashlights and extra batteries.  A small 12 volt to 110 volt power inverter to charge the laptop and run a small TV and video games for the kids.


Stuffed animals for young children and board games for teenager going through internet withdrawal.


12 volt air compressor, 12 volt battery jumper box, Jumper cables, two yellow safety vest, cans of fix a flat, toe rope / strap.  Spare tire inflated.  Practice with jack and lug nuts at the tire shop and check to see if the lug nuts have not been over tighten by the air in pack driver.  Carry a cheater bar and make sure you can get the lug nuts to turn.


First aid kit, over the counter medicine bag with cold, fever, diarrhea, heartburn, and allergy medicine.  Ladies in child bearing years supplies.  Medications you take daily.


Toilet paper, baby wipes, trash bags, zip lock bags, cleaning supplies, sunblock and bug spray.


Bathing bag with towels, soap, shampoo and deodorant.


Tent, sleeping bags, water life straws, camp stove, newspaper, matches in a zip lock bag and stick lighters. Wasp spray. ( This can also be used as a hidden in plan sight weapon. )


When you start prepping to bug out of the city set a goal of having a pop up camper or a small lawn service trailer to carry the generator and your 50 gallons of gasoline.


Two cases of bottled water and bottle water Gatorade packs.


Print out a list of items that need to go into the car when the bug out time comes and keep it on the refrigerator.  The most important item is a list of current medications in there prescription bottles to show the pharmacist or the medical person at the FEMA camp.

Have your photo album and prized personal item in a tub. Take a picture of your items in your home to file an insurance claim. Take a picture of or take with your person documents.

Keep your extra can goods, can opener, seasoning, and camping food that you like to eat in a tub ready to put in the car to bug out.


Practice camping to test your bug out skills and supplies. 


If you are living in the inner city or apartment
and you have to bug out to another town then your bug out vehicle should be a four-door sedan with a good gas mileage. You will have to be organized and creative with your tubs in the trunk. Have one tub in the back seat with stuff you use often.  


If you live in the suburbs then a minivan with the rear seats folded down or removed gives you room for your tubs, bags and carts.


Every personal and work vehicle must have some bug out / get home supplies.  


Back to the part about a bug out bags not being an overwhelming task.  Once you start filling your tubs the project will get easier.  


This is also stuff you will be using once it is in your car.  For example.  Your wear your heals to the office and then someone says.  Lets go for a walk in the park after work. Your summer clothes are in your bug out bag.


Your feet get wet on the job site.  Warm socks and shoes are in the get home bag.  The boss sends you out to work in the hot sun.  Sunblock, water and Gatorade packs are in the truck.


You start having chills and fever at the office.  Cough drops are in the medicine bag in the car.


You are running around the job site / facility and your cell phone is at 1/3 battery charge and you have an important call coming in. You remember that your back up cell phone battery block is in your get home bag.  You go to the truck and start changing it up.  


At the office you remember buying five cell phone battery blocks and five UBS changing cables to connected the battery block to the phone for your kids and the get home car bags when they were on sale.  Did I put that fifth one in in my desk drawer?  I did and now it is charging up.

Every day carry items for guys and gals in their pockets / purses should be a knife, cash, weapon you have training with and extra cell phone battery.


Cargo pants with lots of pocket are good for guys and gals who want to leave their purse in the car. 


If you are a person that carries a laptop computer bag then you can put some of your every day carry stuff in there.  


Stuff you take out of your bags needs to be replace.  This will keep you adding and reorganizing your stuff as you used it. 


                        Prepping Step  9   Food

Buy coffee, powdered drinks and food that you and your family like to eat along with pasta, flour, sugar and powdered eggs.  


Network with your neighbors to find a chef to come to your compound to cook food to share or barter when the grid goes down.

Buy a freezer and line the bottom of it with 2 Liter bottles of frozen water.  This will help keep the food cold when the power is out and in between times when the generator is running.  Buy fruits and vegetables to cut up and freeze in vacuum sealed bags .  Fill your freezer with meat and egg beater cartons.   This will help you on your budget by not going to the store so often. There is always something to eat in the house.


When you get into advanced food prep.  There are freeze dried foods and MRE's.  Go in with your prepper neighbors on the purchase of a freeze dryer.  Items that have been freeze dried can be store on the shelf.  Let go of the idea of three meals a day plus snacks that taste good.   Practice being hungry now so you can feed the children first when the event happens.   Less intake of food and lots of manual labor and guard duty will cause your stomach to shrink

                   Prepping Step 10.      Water                                   
There are many ways to do water depending on your situation. You can buy a space saving bath tub water bag to fill when the power goes out. 

Bottled water is good for medical, cooking and bartering.  Gallons of water would be more practical to store.  For houses with a basement, garage, schools and churches.  I recommend 55 gallon drum's full of water and a 12 volt or hand crank pump or caged water tanks.

Buy Apple Juice, Ice Tea and soft drinks in gallon, half gallon and 2 liter sizes.  Use these empty containers to store water.   Set a goal of having 300 of these.

                     Prepping Step 11.      Medical 

On medical there are two categories one is your own personal health and the other medical supplies for the family and the compound.

One of the challenges that I face is high cholesterol.  It is hard to resist a bacon egg and cheese sandwich from White Castle every other day.  It is not good for me and I can not afford it.  

Go to the doctor and find a way to be healthy and get off medications that will not be available for a while.  

Lots of walking and swimming is great exercise.  Walk up and down the street and when you see your neighbors talk to them about prepping.
If there is a medical procedure such as rotatory cuff / knee replacement, cataract surgery or Lasik, do that stuff now.  The services may be hard to come by after the event and you will be in better shape for when the event happens. 

Save your prescription medicines that you do not finish.  See if your doctor will write you extra prescriptions to save up for medical issues that are hereditary and can not be eliminated by lifestyle changes.

Do some research on herbal medication that can treat condition that you and family members have.  Grow these herbs in a raised flowed beds.



Buy used basic first aid equipment such stethoscope, blood pressure machines, thermometers, pules oxygen level readers and blood sugar monitors.

Take several First Aid and CPR classes




First Aid. Have bandages, crutches, ice packs, wound seal / quick clot, lots of latex gloves and 10 of every item the medical section of the Dollar tree.

        Prepping Step 12.    Alcohol & Fermenting Fruits


Store large bottles of alcohol to barter with and to use to clean wounds .  Clear tequila can also be used to ferment fruits in mason jars.   This is a six months process and should be started in the spring,  This will tie up a portion of your alcohol storage to be used and barter with in a year long event. 


Here is a humorous husband and wife prepper team discussing the subject.

Research micro brewing of beer and making Mead.

Episode-131- Making Beer and Mead at Home



                  Prepping Step 19.  Faraday Box 


A Faraday boxes reflects the electromagnetic pulse bomb high voltage electrical charge wave that will overload and fry all of micro computer devices even if they are not turned on or plugged in.

First Year preppers need to create a Faraday box out of two short 5 gallon metal trashcan.  Wrap up in tin foil all your old video games, am, weather and two way radios, old laptops, tablets, ham radios and cell phones with their chargers and cables and place them in the can. Seal the can with aluminum tape. 

One can should have the games, radios and out date electronics.  Once the can is sealed it should not be opened until the event happens.  The other can should have your back up external hard drive, portable ham radios and any other electronic item that you will training with or using frequently. 
Before sealing the can test it by placing your cell phone in it and a battery operated am radio tuned to the strongest signal in your town.  When you place the lid on the can the radio will stop playing and the cell phone will not ring. 

Second year preppers need to build a Faraday box big enough to hold small TV’s, desk top computers and flat screen monitors.  This one can have a heavy lid that makes a seal when closed. 

Second year preppers also need to build a Faraday box to protect the generator.

Third year preppers should Invest in a car cover Faraday blanket to protect the computer and other electronics in your bug out vehicle. 

Here is a link of a NASA scientist. testing this device.

                             Prepping Step 20.                                                  Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Business
Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Business need to ask their backup generator manufacture if there equipment will survive an EMP and would a Faraday blanket placed over the unit help. 

These institutions also need to have a very large back up natural gas fuel tank installed to switch over when the gas stops flowing. 

Along with an updated long term power grid failure plan they need to build a Faraday room where they place all of their surplus for the event, new in the box and outdated medical equipment.

The owners of these businesses need to plan on how to keep employees on site to take care of the patients.  Consider offering employees who live in apartments the option of bugging out to work and providing a room and food their spouses and children.

      Prepping Step 21.    News and Communications

In a non EMP event cell phones will work. The network will be overloaded with voice calls. Text messages will work better. They have generators at the cell towers.

If you have a ham radio operator in your compound prepper group.  Support him with building Faraday building around his equipment, putting up antennas and building a repeater station. 

CB radios are a good way to communicate between compounds and farms

If you have Sirius satellite radio built into your car I would invest in a stand alone car radio kit to put in your Faraday cage.  This will provide news and FEMA information on evacuations, rescues, shelters and supplies.

Ask several members of the compound to share the monthly expense of a satellite telephone.

                Prepping Step 22.     The Outhouse 

Build an out house on wheels with a regular toilet and a pipe coming out the back turned down into a homemade septic tank which will be a 55 gallon plastic barrell filled with # 3 rock and holes drilled into the barrel.  Use the outhouse for storage in your garage until the event happens and then roll in out to the edge of you driveway and install your barrel.

An out house for visitors gives you the option and time to warm up to the idea of strangers in your compound.

To use the outhouse you have to go down to the creek or the pond and haul up a bucket of water to flush it with or some other trade.

It may be years before the event happens. I suggest having your prepper sink, Faraday generator box and your outhouse on wheels.  Roll the stuff out for testing and cleaning. 

               Prepping Step 23.    Training Classes


Invest time and money in the Patriot Nurse class, Herbal medicine training class and police / military firearms training.



                         Prepping Step 13  Fuel

Do not let the gas tank in your car go below the half full mark so you will have enough gas to get home.  Store a minimum of 130 gallons of gasoline. 70 gallons to use in the generator 20 gallons to pour in your vehicle before bugging out and take 60 gallons with you on the trailer to drive out of the affected area and beyond to a city where you can find a job or have relatives.  I recommend having two 5 gallon cans of diesel fuel to trade with a farmer for food.

Store a lots of small propane tanks that run heaters and cook stoves. Store several 30 pound propane tanks that run grills, outside bullet heaters and inside vent less fire places and wall heaters. 


Also stock break fluid, antifreeze, motor oil and transmission fluid that is the correct type for your vehicle. 

                                 Prepping Step 14.  

                    Internet Banking Grid is Attacked

With a minimum two month prepper supply at home for a power outage and a half a tank a gas in your car to get home you will be prepared for an attack on the internet banking system.  The ability to deposit paychecks, pay bills or make purchase may not be restored for several week. 

There is not enough of cash on hand in the local banks to be given out for all the people to make all the purchases. 

Each gas station and grocery store may be able to buy one truck load with cash paid to the driver. After that they will not be any cash left in the city.

Instead of waiting on FEMA and the Red Cross to set up a place to get food and supplies you will have everything you need at home. The water, natural gas and electricity will be on. 

Set up and run your compound as you would if the power was out. When unprepared families ask for help, feed the children and work the Moms, Dads and Teens in the house, yard or help with projects in other compounds.


Check on the Elderly.  Trusted members of the group with guns will guard the compound in exchange for laundry detergent, hot meals and toilet paper.

         Prepping Step 15.  Generators, Wind & Solar

​Make a plan to buy three generators. A whole house generator that runs on propane and natural gas.  A little generator on wheels to run power tools and charge up batteries.  This unit can be rolled over to someones house to pump out there basement and do repairs.  A medium portable generator which will give steady power to electronics, furnace and the deep freeze.


All items powered by the medium generator need to have a good surge protector at the device.  Only expensive whole house generators run the output through an inverter to produce a pure alternating current sine wave.  

Buy a deep freeze that has a light on it that tells you the compressor is running. Do not turn off the generator until the compressor has cycled off.  Keep half of your long term food storage in the freezer section of your refrigerator.  This will protect you from losing all of your food if the deep freeze should stop working.

In advances prepping have a spare circuit board and other parts for your deep freeze and furnace. 

If you have a whole house generator I still recommend that you install LED light bulbs in all of your fixtures.  This will lessen the load on the generator. 

For middle income families I recommend installing 12 volt lights in the ceiling in all of the rooms. Theses lights can be powered by a bank of batteries in your garage where they can be vented outside.

Start collecting 12 volt batteries from your neighbors when they replace them. Theses batteries do not have enough amperage to start a car but if they can take a charge they could be placed in a bank of batteries to run the 12 volt lights in the house and power an inverted which will transform 12 volts into 110 volts to run electronics, charge cell phone and other gadgets.  Later on purchases deep cycle golf cart batteries for your battery bank and install small solar panels and windmills on your roof to charge them.

Hire or trade with an electrician to install a safety switch on your main breaker to save the life of the utility line man who could be electrocuted by the electricity you are sending back through the wire that is doubled in strength by the transformer on the pole.

Ask your electrician to run a wire from your battery bank to your furnace and the blower on your wood stove.


A electricians may suggest separating some circuits and putting them into a sub panel with a safety double switch that can run this circuit from the battery bank or normal power.  I am concerned that the more opportunity to use electrical power you have the more resources you will use.

One popular and temping idea is to make up a double male plug and send electricity through your house from your generator.  I believe this is a bad idea.  This will only power 1/2 of your electrical panel / house.  If somebody turns on something they are not supposed to it will put a stain on the generator and trip or destroy the circuit breaker plug on the generator making it useless.   

Run your generator one hour a day to chill down the deep-freeze, charge batteries and run the washing machine or to run the furnace for one hour to warm up the house.  Use your batteries at night to power your 12 volt lights and small electronics.

The purpose of your generator, solar panels, wind turbine and battery bank is survival, not making life normal or comfortable. 

Use you home made power grid at night to provide light for the medical person and the chief. 

        Prepping Step 16.  Cooking and Keeping Warm

​For the beginner prepper build a fire pit with a grate to cook on. Look for used heavy grills and research if hot coals from your fire pit can be placed in these grills to cook on.

Store lots of 30 pound propane tanks and small propane tanks to run camping cooking stoves.

Share the expense with your prepper neighbors on the purchase of a food dehydrator, log splitter and sun oven. 

Buy a hand compactor machine that can compress sheared wet news papers into a cube that can be placed in a fireplace that will burn for many hours.

Network with your neighbors about chain saws.  These are dangerous and high maintenance tools.  Only have certain people operate them with lots of preparation and safety training on how to work trees into fire wood. Have several bow saws for cutting up smaller pieces. 

Install a wood stove and spend a couple of years learning how to burn wood to heat your house. Have wood delivered for cash or for barter.  When someone in your neighborhood cuts down a tree volunteered to help them clean up the yard and haul off the wood back to your house.  Save the 1/4" to 3" limbs and sticks to start your fire.

                           Prepping Step 17.                                                       Your House is on Fire / Safety Director
Your house burning down in a grid down situation is the worst case scenario on top of an already worst case scenario.  

Have a fire extinguishers by the wood stove, in the garage and in the kitchen.  Hold monthly fire drills and make sure the kids and the elderly know where the rendezvous point is. 

Here is a great podcast on fire safety 

In the compound assign somebody to be the daytime and night time fire watch / Safety Director.


Their job is to work the fire in the wood stove, run the armory, run the fire drills, walk around and keep an eye on the kitchen and any areas were tools are being used.

This person must have authority to stop any activity for safety reasons.  

           Prepping Step 18.   Guns and Self Defense                                   
For new preppers who have never owned or fired a gun.  

Start off with a 8 chamber 12 gauge shotgun with 4 lethal buck shot shells loaded in the rear and 4 non lethal bird shot shell loaded in the front of the gun to fire first.

Second gun is a rifle that uses .22 caliber bullets.

Third gun is a revolver that uses 9 millimeter bullets.

The most popular and plentiful ammunition that can be traded after the event is 12 gauge shot gun shells, .22 caliber bullets and 9 mm bullets

Invest your time as well as money in firearms.  Know how to own, carry, store, shoot, clean, maintain and clear jams.  Take classes on theses topics and police / military firearms training.

Do not try to be a lone wolf hero during the first month of a utility grid down situation.  Women and children will be safer in the compound protected by many shot guns.  

The idea of leaving my house, my castle and taking the family to the compound will be very hard thing for a man to do. 

Barricade the front door from the outside this to deter looters.

Organize a rotating guard duty of men to watch three houses at a time while the others are in the compound.  


Ask the Ham radio guy in your group which portable ham radios to buy and put in your Faraday box.  Use theses radios to communicate with the other guards and compounds when some drives up the road.  

The day and night time safety director need to evaluated everyone fire arm skills and run the gun training and friendly fire avoidance program for the Men and Women in the compound.   

Ask yourself am I ready to have the gun with the lethal buck shot kill shells ?  Can I kill someone to protect the compound ?  Do I have the confidence in myself and trust with the other guards to tell the bad guy to stop or be killed when I have non leather shells and let the other guards who are more experienced have the kill shells ready in their gun ?

If I could acquire some bullet proof vest for the Mothers in our group they would make better kill shot Guards.  They will not hesitate to kill to protect their children.  

The most dangers person to charge a house with one guard is a mother or father who needs food for their young children. 

How can you tell the difference between a parent and a bad guy.  I may be naive and I believe most bad guys are not Ladies.  If a Lady appears to not have experience in charging a house and is carrying a weapon in a untrained way and a warring bird shot that knocks her down and she gets up and continues to charge then she or he is willing to die trying to get food for her children.


Bad guys will retreat.  They are not willing to die to get food.

Check with the gun range if they rent guns to practice with there and have classes.

I suggest Ladies who were not raised with firearms go to gun range and ask to sit with gun guys to absorb gun culture and if they ask who did you vote for in 2016 you could say. " You will find out when you get to heaven."


There will be several teachers in this group of guys who will answer your question about how they deal with taking a life in self defense, the issue of gun recoil and noise.  


New Gun Ladies should also listen to his podcast


Jeanna Cournoyer 

Real World Self Defense. Gun and Fighting for Preppers

Take a martial arts class. This will give confidence that you can defend, your self, your children and your compound. 



             Prepping Subject  33.  The Inner City


If you live in the inner-city or a working-class neighborhood with a lot of houses close together you have to move because of the danger of bad guys the first month and decaying bodies the next.

I am encouraging the churches, mosques and synagogues in the inner city and the suburbs to get with the Mormon church on how they are prepping.   


I am asking these churches to be ready to bury the bodies of bad guys, unhealthy middle age people and senior citizens who only have a months worth of medicine and are in poor health.

I believe that Gang Members / Drug Dealers who live in the inner city are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs in a functional way.  They are sober when they do there illegal business. They sell drugs to the street addicts who do drugs every day.


Both groups will start to go into withdraw when they see that the grocery and liquor store has been looted and their expected shipment of illegal drugs dose not arrive. The people bringing the drugs will have turned around and traded the shipment for gas to get back home.

With out food, water, clean clothes and a cool or warm bed to sleep in these guys will be losing strength fast in addition to the withdraws.  Without electricity the gas stations will not be open.


The Majority of theses Bad Guys will not be able to travel any farther than the gas they have in their tanks.  They could find a car that has gas in it from someone who has died an use 1/2 that gas to drive as far as they can to do bad stuff and then drive back to their familiar neighborhood.  

Most of theses bad guys have guns and can use them in a surprise attack. They do not have any police / military training or equipment. They do not know how to clean their weapons or clear jams. There may be one bad guy in the city that sells bullets and repairs the guns.  How many bullets does this guy have ?  Bad guys will be using up the bullets they have to kill rival bad guys and killing severe drug addicts who believe the dealer has drugs and is keeping them for himself. 


Gun store will not be open or be able to be looted.

If they see somebody that has a generator, food and water they may kill them, eat up all the food and when they fall asleep the neighbors will come in and kill them.

With no electricity there will not be any streetlights or lights on in the houses or business. I believe the majority of bad guys going through withdrawal will not be able to travel at night.  They will be not be wasting their gasoline and energy attacking compounds far away, they will be attaching houses closer to home.

Due to their addictions I do not believe the majority of bad guys are going to survive more than a month after the event.


Con artist, jerks and thieves that do survive are going to be on their best behavior because they know they can not call the police to rescue them if they make someone angry.

             Prepping Subject 34.   The Suburbs


The problem of the Suburbs will be living in a ghost town. The people who do not prepare will drive out of the area when the power dose not come back on, become stuck on the highway and taken to a FEMA camp.


The elephant in the room that the new preppers do not want to talk about is the fear of everybody in the area coming to your house asking for food, committing strong arm robbery or worse.


The average person only has a half a tank of gas in their car.  They will use it to get home, to warm up, charge their cell phones and drive around looking for a pharmacy or grocery store that has not been sold out or looted.  Some gas stations will have back up generators and will run out of fuel very quickly.  The Internet Banking Grid runs off electricity.  ATM's will not work.  The banks do have battery back ups to do transactions if they open and they will quickly run out of cash.   In a week everybody will be stuck where they are at with no cash or gas.

The people you need to be most concerned about are the people in your neighborhood.  Unhealthy senior citizens over 65 will be dead within a month or sooner when they run out of prescription medicine.   A shotgun blast over the head of middle-age people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs will move them along.  Tough decision will have to be made for the adults who have run out of there psychiatric medications and are in a delusional state running up to the house.  The people that I fear and want to help the most are the Moms and Dads of young children.  They will kill for food for their kids.  Here is how you can tell the difference between a looter / addict and a Mom and Dad ready to kill / die to save their children.  They do not run off with a shot gun blast over there head or a bird shot blast that knocks them to the ground they get back up and charge forward.

The solution is to prepare for the event with a one year supply of food, water, medical supplies, equipment, fuel, guns and ammunition.  While working your preparations visit with your neighbors starting with the parents of young children. Tell them you do not want to die at their hands and ask them to prepare.  Visit with the middle-aged and seniors after that.

 Help will get to everyone in the country within six months. Use your extra six months of supply to trade and save the lives of innocent children, special needs children / adults and their parents by setting up a compound at your house or supporting the compound at the closest church or school.

                 Prepping Subject and Question 35

                       Senior Citizen Death Patrol                                                and who will have more resources

          The isolated farmer or the Inner city family ?
In the short run a prepper farmer in the country does not have the problem of people asking for help. In the long run they may run out of supplies or get hurt.  

In the inner-city you are going to have lots of people with different skills.  If the churches and older families without young children create compounds, they can send out crews of men on the death patrol to bury the dead bodies.

Crew of Women can visit with the older people who are about to run out of medicine and ask them to get their wills together and find their good Tupperware container to bury their drivers license with them and then take all their valuables and put them in one room and nail the door shut.

These people are wise elders and they should be brought over to the compound for the nightly fire and should be used as teachers for the children.

The death patrol should visit these people daily and as soon as they pass away get them in the ground quickly and then take all their medicine, cleaning supplies and clothes back to another compound or incorporate there house into the compound.

Take care of that house, when the government comes by with extra gasoline pump the water out of the basement to keep the rafters from molding.  When the power comes back on paint the walls a neutral color to bless and honor the people who live and died there and for the donation of their house / belongings to the compound.

For senior citizens who fear the death patrol will be taking advantage of them now is the time to exercise / eat healthy and take an inventory of the skills you have to offer to the compound.  They should have the same supplies as young preppers and be ready to trade there supplies for hot food and fire wood

Cruise of men can burn the trash with Coals from the wood cooking fire. In extreme case they can they can hunt rats, squirrels, rabbits and possums to process the meat to eat.

In a river town they can push a light truck to the river, load up buckets of water and deliver them to the compounds for a trade.

Living in an isolated area from fear of what other people will do isolates you from FEMA and other relief organizations.

                               Prepper Issue 36.                             

              Convincing your Spouse that Prepping                                                     is a good idea.

A very popular question in the prepper community is how do I get my spouse on board with prepping.  

Read this section below on marriage and the four directions. You need a good foundation of communication and conflict resolution skills in your marriage to talk about these issues.  

Most marriages are divided into two categories the nerd and the free spirit.  Know which one you are and identify your spouses strengths and your weaknesses and how you can work on this project together.

Do not being an evangelist on these issues.  Understand that you have been thinking about this for years and your wife is resisting this new idea / hobby of yours. You have done lots of research and she has not move forward on this. You are 10 steps ahead. 

Accept in your mind and heart that if the event dose not happen your wife may never fully understand what you were preparing for until you are both in heaven where she will give you a big hug and say. "Now I understand how dangerous of a situation we were in and thank you for keeping me and the children safe."

When the event dose happens she will not be in shock and will say to herself  "OK my husband was right.  Now what is our plan ?  She will jump into action because she knows what you would do and she see the tools and supplies that you have ready. 

Prepping is not just about the power grid failure, pandemic or natural disaster it is also about preparing for a job loss, becoming injured with lots of medical bills and paying off debts.

Prepping will pull people and hopefully marriages away from the lifestyle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Listen to and then ask / trade with your spouse to listen to the podcast below.  These guys are good calm teachers and the message will flow more smoothly into their ears than from you the anxious spouse. 

Ladies listen to this podcast and then ask you husband to listen.


In the Rabbit Hole Podcast episode 190 from 23:39 to 3:54.


Guys listen to this podcast and then ask / trade with your wife to listen


The Survival Podcast episode 69.

                          Prepper Issue 37.                                 

             Prepping in Marriage and Divorcee

The journey for a new private prepper couple through the four stages of prepper denial takes about three years. Our couple starts out with one spouse frozen in fear of how to survive this and other one is laughing and saying “This will never happen.”  At the end of the journey we see a open prepper couple ready to support the compound at the church and or have a compound at there own house.

A week after the event happens very unpleasant jobs will have to be completed and tough decisions are going to have to be made. 

Dead bodies are going to have to be cleaned up and buried. Orphans children and special needs children are going to have to be taken in and cared for.

 Looters will have to be scared off, bad guys will have to be shot.  You may have to shoot your neighbor from down the street who is charging your house with a knife because he has run out of his schizophrenia medication and is delusional. 

The best type of household to protect the children from the looters and the bad guys for a few months until help arrives is one that has a two parent married couple.  Men and Women bring different, energy, skills and personality to prepping.


In gay couples children pick up on which parent is the kill it and drag it home parent versus a homemaker parent and they need both. 

Please set aside your differences and put the children's safety first. 

Have maturity in your relationships with a children first attitude.  Be nice to your spouse and work things out until the children are 18 and out and then get divorced unless there is abuse, addiction or constant adultery.  If you are already divorced you will have to have preparations at your house and at your spouse’s house.   Be ready to have either house be the bug out location.

To be a mature spouse and prepper is to delay pleasure and set a goal of having a healthy mind body, spirit and bank account.  


This Maturity flows from a foundation of a happy relationship in the home where you eat, sleep and raise your children.  This key to this is stepping into your Unemotional King / Queen and stepping away from and corralling the emotions of mad, sad, glad, fear and the shame of embarrassment and the shame that you are a bad person  Bring your drill sergeant and speech writer into focus along with your emotions to make sure that you are in charge not them.

Set a goal to have Peace and Joy in your life by taking a risk to look at the things that make you angry and sad.  A happy, healthy, open mined life makes your work and prepping life much easier.

Here is an exercise to resolve issues between spouses.
When the children are asleep or out of the house sit across from each other at the kitchen table and turn off your cell phones.  In your own mind renew your commitment to the marriage and to resolve the issue by putting your unemotional King / Queen in charge of resisting the desire to win the argument, to retreat or retaliate when you feel you are losing the argument. 

Choose a flexible object to be the talking stick and the person with the talking stick is the only one that can speak.  The other person can only feedback what is said.  

Start with stating one of the five emotion that you are feeling right now.  State the data in one sentence. State your judgment.  Do the mirror piece where you can see where and when you have done the exact same thing that you are judging that your spouse has done. This illuminates the retaliation play.   Lastly state what you want.

While still holding the talking stick ask your spouse to repeat back everything you have said. Following the model of emotion, data, judgment, mirror piece and what you want.   If they miss something then you stop them and say try again.   Once you feel like you have been respectfully heard by them repeating it back to you then give them the talking stick and repeat the process. 

Here is an example of how this can run.  The wife says "The emotion is fear.  The data is you are speaking to people in the neighborhood about our utility grid down preparations.   My judgment is you are putting us at risk for when the event happens.  I agree with the idea of a compound after the event happens but why would we tell anybody about it before hand ?  The mirror piece is that I allowed a contractor into our house on the recommendation from a friend of a friend and then he turned out to crazy and we had to move our outside hidden key.  


What I want is safety for us and the kids when the event happens."   

When the husband gets the talking stick he has to corral his emotions and not take anything of this personally.  This is your spouses truth.


Following the model of emotion, data, judgment, mirror piece and what you want.  The husband says.

"My emotion is fear that my ideas of protecting the kids are different from yours.  The emotion underneath that fear is sadness that I can not connect / network with other preppers now.  The data is I believe networking / trading services with people who are knowledgeable about, guns, operational security, medical and cooking is that we know ahead of time who the experts are and what their personality is.


 My judgment is that your are processing my ideas form a place of fear and not giving my ideas a detailed hearing.  I own that I did the same thing when you planned an out of town overnight weekend activity for the family that I looked forward to and enjoyed after I had time to look at there website.


What I want is to have a slow step-by-step conversation about prepping and I have set a goal to be on the same page with you on these issues. 

The success of this exercise above only works when you let go of the idea of changing the other persons personality.   People are who they are and they do not change.  They can change there behavior if they are motivated to do so.  A good example of this is a crabby guy is going to be nice when he is stopped by the police for speeding.  He has a 50% chance of not getting a speeding ticket if he is nice.  He will get a ticket if he is his regular crabby self.

A lot of times in couples therapy you have one spouse that wants to go to therapy, do the therapy homework and read the self help books.


The other spouse has no interest in therapy / changing there behavior.


This shows up by them criticizing the therapist and dismissing the ideas.  In this situation if you have children do the therapy which gives you the tools to be nice and you also set boundaries against there bad behavior.  

Make a commitment not to fight or debate stuff when you are angry and back each other up when it comes to issues and rules with the children.

Remind your spouse that you have come more than half way with conflict resolution and that you will not have wild emotional conversations with them.

To end on a happy note there is always trading. If you want to buy a new Prepper gadget and your spouse who is not into prepping gives you that look.  You could ask her about a trade.  She may want you to fix, paint, re-organize or buy something in exchange for the blessing of the purchase of the Item. 

My favorite type of trade is that your wife wants you to go to her cousin Gertrude's wedding that is three hours away on a Saturday. She wants you to go there happy and not be your normal dragie self. 

The trade is a family weekend trip to a Prepper expo. show.  You go to the show during the day while she watches the kids by the pool at the hotel and then she goes shopping at night.






                Prepping Skill 38.  The Four Directions

For Women and Men living in the USA their number one

goal in life, second if they have children, is the desires

for the latest fashions / gadgets, expensive house and cars.

Part of prepping is to be ready to step away from that and

to face the uncomfortable possibility of being months or a

year without utilities, Internet, dining out, sports teams, television shows and movies.  This will be interrupted if

we get hit with Nationwide.

Prepare your mind body, spirit and bank account for being

with out theses things for several months as you work on

your shelter in place and bug out plans.

There is a tool we use in therapy group which is to imagine yourself sitting at the head of a four person board room


Then we take out of ourselves all of our emotions which are mad, sad, glad, fear and the two types of shame and we

created an emotional person who looks like us.  We place

them in the chair to our left and we call that person the emotions of the east.

We then we look south to chair in front of us and we take

out of ourselves the part of us that is the take charge drill sergeant.  This part of you that says we do not need to

read the directions or have a plan. We are just going to

make this happen. This is still you.  What do you look like ?

Then we look to the right the direction of the west and we

take out of ourselves the part of us that is the planner,

speech writer, organizer, manipulator for good or bad. This person says to the drill sergeant no no no we are going to

have a three hour planning meeting where we will read the directions in English and Spanish to make sure they match


The last direction of the North is you.  The Unemotional

King / Queen. By bringing these parts of yourself online

and in focus you can see who is running the show. It is

easy to say step back and look at the big picture. The

problem is whos eyes are you looking through ?

The unemotional King / Queen of the North can look at the

big picture, admit they were wrong or did not have all the information about a particular subject.  There is no risk

because there is no emotion.

In prepping and life in general make sure that the

unemotional King / Queen is in charge and giving orders

to the speech writer and the drill sergeant.  These are crafty

and dangerous parts of yourself to be left in the hands of

your emotions.

When it comes to prepping you could have shame that you

are a bad person because you can not help a woman or


You could have the part of shame that is embarrassment

that you bought advanced prepping items before you got

the basics in place. 

You could have fear of living temporarily in a world without

the rule of law.  I believe the number one thing that that

women fear is being assaulted and the number one thing

that men fear is not being a protect there wife and children.

You could be mad at the politicians left and right who

appear to have passed up chances to address these issues.

You could have joy over the unpacking of your new food dehydrator and at 10:45 at night you see your neighbors

lights are on and knock on their door and say "Bring some

food over. Let's try it out."

To prepare your Spirit I asked you to read the Sacred

Scriptures of your childhood religion from any unemotional adult space.  I believe that scriptures that do not lift people

up are miss translated or do not come God.

To prepare your Mind I ask you to Imagine yourself 100

years from now in heaven having your favorite snack and

drink with your friendly debate partner and God walks by

and says “ That looks delicious. May I join you ? “

So God gets an order of each one of your items. So as God

is digging into both dishes and drinks and has cheese

dripping from one side of his month and then takes a gulp

of your favorite drink you say.

"Tell me God which political philosophy was better suited

for the people of United States in our lifetime conservatism

or liberalism ? "  In between gulps and bites he says

“Either way is Fine.”

That answer surprises you.  You ask another question.  My friendly debate partner here says taking position X on a hot button issue was unhealthy for me. Were they technically speaking right or wrong ?  God Replies " Well sometimes

your debate partner make some good points. Can I have the recipe for this dish ? “

This is a polite way of asking you to open your mind just a

crack to the possibility that 100 years from now in Heaven technically speaking things might look different than how

you look at them now.

I'm asking you to prepare you Mind to think outside the box

in an unemotional way. To choose to have peace and joy in

your heart and take peace and joy into a very stressful

utility grid down situations, where we are not going to

know what happen to our extended family and friends.


People are going to die and we are going to drag out their bodies.  We are we going to find a special needs child

sitting in a wheelchair because his grandparents parents

died and there will be other orphans to take in.  


I am asking you to give the hot button issue to God so they

will not be in the way of working with people in your

prepper network before and after the event.

To prepare your body and bank account you are going to

have to agree with and live by the definition of maturity is

to delay pleasure.  The pleasure of items and activities that

give you immediate satisfaction.   


When you save up $1000.00 for an emergency fund and

you list your debts smallest to largest to pay them off, then compound interest in your growth stock mutual funds is

your friend instead of your enemy with 24% cash advance interest on credit cards.  With Profit / Savings in your bank account you will have cash in the bank to pay for

unexpected expenses.

With an emergency fund of $2000.00 you can just leave the emergency area because you are not living paycheck to paycheck.  By eating healthy, walking up and down the

street visiting with your neighbors on there prepping plans

your stomach shrinks and you got more oxygen in your

blood stream.

 Prepping Issue 39.  Are Preppers Liberal or Conservative


I believe it is 60% conservative and 40% liberal.  Liberal preppers who believe in big government understand big government is more reactive than proactive.  They will

repair and upgrading the power grid once it fails or is



Liberal preppers who want to survive the power grid going down use open mined unemotional critical thinking and

have decided the best people to network, buy, sell, trade

with and take classes from are conservative preppers. 

These are the people they want to bug out with or have in

the neighborhood compound at their house or church.  

I am asking people to let go of the subject of politics and

social issues until the power comes back on.


For the people who do not have a lot of energy tied up in politics this should be a simple subject to avoid like

Grandma says at the Thanksgiving dinner table. 


For those who have a passion for knowing if a persons

political projections / views are on the left or right I am

asking you not to use the word Liberal or Conservative

until the event is over.  These words have a lot of negative energy in them.  The choice of only using the words

Democrat and Republican gives you the ability step away

from your passion for political conversation / projections

by not volunteering your views and keeping things positive.


Episode-150- Are all Survivalists Right Wing Politically Speaking


   Prepping Subject 40.  Third Year Advanced Prepping.


Prepare for a possible economic collapse by having some

of your cash in silver.  Cash will be useless.  Silver and bartering of skills and supplies will be the new economy.

Look at your skill level when it comes to gardening, regular 

and herbal medical, cooking, and firearms.  Get more

training and practice your skills in the garden, at the gun    range, in the kitchen and on yourself when it comes to herbal medicine.   

                             Prepping Subject 41.

​  I am Coming to Your House and are Prepper Pirates Real.

I believe Women were created by God to be nurturers and

Men were created by God to be providers and protectors

of the innocent.  God also gave Men and Women the ability

to do both.


When a Lady sees another Lady Preppers pantry full of

stuff and she says oh my I am coming here she is not

serious.  It is her way of dealing with an overwhelming

situation that is being presented to her.

When a guy says I am coming to your house when the event happens he is trying act tough and block the feeling

of I am not a real man who provides and protectors the innocent.  He is not serious either.

Do not get mad when someone says they are coming to

your house. They are not talking to you.  They are having

an internal conversation between there emotion and there

rude speechwriter.  The King / Queen have not entered into

the mix yet. 

Use this conversation to show them what they need to

have to survive at there own house by telling them.

We would love to have you join us at our compound.  When

you roll up make sure you bring two trailers.  A camping

trailer to sleep in and store your stuff and the other trailer with five 55 gallon barrels of water, 200 gallons of gas, your generator and two years worth of food and medicine to

trade with us and other compounds.  

Guys that say to other guys I am not going to prepare I am going to kill people and take there stuff are acting tough in

front of us nice guys to push us away.

There are some serial killers / really evil, sociopath,

immoral people they will become prepper pirates.  This is

not something they are planning on doing or advertising. 

They will kill and take what they want.  These are about 5%

of the bad guys.  20% of the bad guys are not addicts or alcoholics they are professional thieves and drug dealers          who will be on there best behavior because they know if

caught stealing or dealing drugs they will be killed or 

thrown out of the big Fema camp.  The 75% left are drug

addicts and alcoholics who will be dead in 30 days from

alcohol poising, overdose and gun fire.

Online trolls sitting in there underwear in there parents basement will say we are going to come to your house and

kill you and take your stuff.  My response is. "How are you

going to find my house with out the Internet, GPS or

gasoline. "  If you are serious about killing me then send

me a picture of yourself with your wife and kids in the background holding your paycheck stub and drivers license

while holding a letter saying that if the police can not

respond when you call 911 then we are living in a world

without the rule of law and I can do what ever I want and

not be prosecuted.  I will then forward the picture to your

local police department so they can have a conversation

with you on when they believe a world without the rule of

law beings and ends.



                               Prepping Step 24                                                           Religion, Politics and Social Issues  

The best way to prepare and get through the event is to set aside the subject of religion, politics and social issues until the power comes back on.


To do this you have to lay on the table the possibility that you have work to do when it comes to your mental maturity.

Maturity is defined by the ability to delay pleasure and to do the hard work of opening your mind to the possibility that a hundred years from now when you are in heaven and God walks by you ask him technically speaking which political philosophy conservatism or liberalism best served the people of United States in my lifetime ?  God shrugs his shoulders and says "Either way is fine." 

I believe the only way to open your mind to this possibility is to corral the emotions of mad, sad, glad, fear and the two types of shame which is being embarrassed or felling that you are a bad person.  

Your Unemotional King / Queen has to be in charge of researching and making your projections / judgments on these issues. 

Only your unemotional King / Queen can separate facts from opinions of the wild horses in your emotional corral and work with / help people who you judge to be poor and people you are jealous of because they have more money than you do.
We must be more concerned with saving the lives of children and special needs children than getting in the last word in on political or social issues argument.


 For those of you who claim to be atheist I judge the majority of you say that because you were not raised with religion as a child and you do not want some unseen authority telling you what to do or not to do. 

Practice avoiding the subject of politics with people that share your views.  Prepper Networking is with the whole family and there spouses may have different political and social issues views.

When you have a work project at your house or when you are teaching a prepper class say no political or social issues conversations while we are working together.  You could also exaggerate and say at my Grandma's house on Thanksgiving her rule was no political talk.

                               Prepper Step 25.                     

                   Networking with your Neighbors

Spend the first year privately prepping and working on having a mature mind, body spirit and bank account and your bug out / shelter in place plans in place.

If you live in the suburbs or the country and have crazy neighbors you may have to fix up your house to sell for a better shelter in place home.  When looking for a new house ask someone in the neighbor which houses have crazy people in them.  Sit down with a talk therapist, clergy or wise elder and ask them if you could be the crazy one who dose not know how to be a good neighbor. 

In the second year of prepping join  Start visiting with your neighbors and have a once a month prepper bonfire where the guys sit outside drink beer, tell lies and talk about there mechanical preparations.

The Ladies could sit in the living room drinking wine and disusing current events in neighborhood and discussing their mechanical and nurturing plans.

Men and Women need to be cross trained on inside and out outside operations.  I believe there are guys and gals who are ready to switch seats. They should organize and drag each other to cross training prepper compound classes.  

I want women shooting the guns and men inside the house cleaning, changing diapers, doing the laundry, cooking and teaching the children.

While networking with your neighbors use your four directions unemotional critical thinking skills to evaluate their gold and shadows.  

Are they reliable, do they have a substance abuse problem, what skills do they have, what problems will be made worse by the stress of the event ?

Keep a note book with one page for each house in the neighborhood.  List what they do or did for work and there hobbies.  List there children's ages and your judgement of their gold and shadows.   Unless you spouse is a gossip you should discuss your judgement to weed out your own shadows and projections.  

People are who they are and do not change.  The goal is to set boundaries against their bad behavior and put them in places where they can help the compound the most. 


Below is a article from Ready Man Prepper Supply on how two prepper guys put together an Emergency Preparedness Fair for there neighborhood with great turnout.                      


                           Prepping Issue 26.                           

               Bugging Out vs Sheltering in Place

Weather you live in inner city or the suburbs sheltering in place for a month before you roll out is a safer plan because the gas stations will not be open, Street light on the highway will not be working, Broken down trucks and cars will be blocking the road and stranded people will be asking / demanding that you help them.  


Give FEMA and the National Guard time to clear the roads, rescue stranded people and open gas stations along the evacuation route with generators and fuel trucks standing by.

                           Prepping Idea 27

     Your boat as a bug out vehicle and destination

For families who are medium income or wealthy, one idea is to use your house boat or cabin cruiser as a bug out vehicle in the warmer months.  The bug out destination would be a empty cove on a river,  lake or coast line a few mile away from your launching spot.  If your house boat is more than an hour drive or you will be towing your boat to the water you will have extra problems to deal with. 

This option helps the family work through there fear of what other people are going to do the first and second year of becoming a prepper.

The first year of prepping could amusingly be called by the third and forth year preppers as the zombie stage where you believe that everybody in the county is going to have mindless energy to walk for miles and miles without food or water to your house and kill you because zombies know where all the preppers live. 

Zombies in prepping is a metaphor for your fear of what every body inside and outside your neighborhood is going to do. The first year you can not imagine that they are not going to have any gasoline, food or water to come to your house in waves of desperate hungry people / zombies.

Bugging out on the boat should only be attempted by spouses who know everything about the boat, were raised on boats, do not have young children and can both operate and repair the boat if other spouse is injured. 

Everything on the boat has to be in great shape repaired or replaced and have spare parts available on board.  Install and test your TV, satellite radio and Internet deices on the boat.  These devices will keep you updated on the burying of bodies, the establishment of a FEMA camps and the relief agencies bringing in supplies and services to your area. 

Research information and practice becoming your own meteorologist.  There will be no weather channel.  Pick a flat cove where you can tie up with several ropes and be able to abandon the boat if a violent storm damages the boat. 

As you work the four stages of prepper denial and start working on your sheltering in place plan. Lay on the table establishing a compound at your house or trading with other compounds.  In your house install a 12 volt battery lighting system and run a line from your battery bank inverter to your wood stove and furnace. In the middle of January shut off your electric power and water service to practice using your generator, water and food stores for a week.  This practice run will show you what problems need to be addressed in the house and on the boat.

Purchase a small used pontoon boat to pull behind your boat to hold your extra water, gasoline and other supplies.  If some ask why do you have two boats the same size.  You can tell them some of you friends want to swim and fish and others want to go the marina for dinner.  This extra boat can also be motored out to fish or be use as a life boat if the main boat sinks or capsizes 

Your self defense, first aid and cooking arrangements will use the same material, training and supplies as you would at the compound or on the boat.


Other boaters will also try this. 


On your pontoon storage barge you can have pasta, sugar and flower which weighs less than can goods to trade with other bug out boaters. 

If someone does get hurt then you can motor back to the dock where you left your car and put the battery back in that you took with you.

River boats are going to have the trouble with the current pulling them south and the locks will not be operational.  Boats operating off the coast will need a water maker machine.  River and lake boats will have to have a water filter system for fresh water to drink.

                             Prepping Step 28.

               The Compound and the Mini FEMA           

                    Camp at the Church / School  


I am asking people in their 50s who have been prepping for a few years and have overcome there paralyzing fear of what other people are going to do who own a large house, garage and barn to answer the call of the compound.  To set up their house in a way that can accommodate women and children in the middle of winter.

I am asking theses families to start networking with special needs and single parent families in the neighborhood to protect them from looters from outside the neighborhood and drug seeking addicts from inside the neighborhood.

Special needs children / adults, regular children and senior citizens can be cared for during the day at the home or the church compound while others work at there houses, work on firewood, grow food or hunt and fish.

The compound can provide two meals a day and wash clothes in exchange for guard duty, food, water, firewood and other supplies.


The shift from being a private person to welcoming people into your house will take some time.  Stretch yourself by hosting the monthly prepper bonfire and organizing the preparations for the compound at your church and school.


Leaders of the Church, mosque and Synagogues with no school cafeteria need to bury and bless the bodies of the senior citizens and bad guys.  90% of theses people will be dead in 30 days.


The Mega church should help with this by buying a small backhoe and a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank.   


I am asking every school and every church, mosque and synagogue that has a cafeteria to gather up supplies to establish a mini FEMA camp after the event happens. They will need twenty-five 55 gallon drums of water, a truckload of canned goods, two generators, 200 gallons of gas, medical supplies, propane tanks and grills. 

These mini FEMA Camps need to paint in bright orange " HELP “ on the parking lot.  This will help our National Guard, Red Cross and relief agency from around the world to see where to air drop and deliver supplies.

                            Prepping Subject 29. 

               Who is going to be in Charge of this 

                              Mini FEMA Camp

Every church mosaic and synagogue that has a school and the public schools need to make plans to keep the students warm and feed until there parents come to get them. Children whose parents do not make it to the school alive need to be taken to the mini FEMA camp.

Every principal and pastor of schools and churches needs to be a saver of lives as well as educators and saver of souls.

There are preppers in the schools and church community who are going to build up the supplies, equipment and training. They will have an action plan for the pastor / principal and any volunteers to follow.  A group of gun preppers can keep the perimeter of the compound secure.  These guys will work shifts between helping the church / school compound and protecting there own. 


The FEMA workers will come from the mature untrained families who have not prepared for the event.  The Pastor will need training in evaluating leadership skill in people who are in shock. The Pastor will tell theses people to snap out of it and do this job to save your own life and others.

You will need drill sergeant people to take charge and you will need hand holding people to calm and process fears.  Theses two types of individual will need to work the following areas, first aid, childcare, elder care, special needs child care, food, water to drink / cook, water for flushing the toilets and running the equipment.

Take an inventory of peoples skill that they use everyday for work and as a hobby. Assign several to each task and evaluate who is reliable and has the best skills.

Churches, mosaic, synagogues and the public school corporation for the county needs to have saving the lives of the innocent on the radar screen. The public school corporation needs to have supplies at every school and a plan on which facility would best be suited for the mini FEMA camp.  The site chosen should be near a stream or a lake to use the water to flush the toilets.  This site should be on a high elevation so the waste water from the restrooms will flow down hill.

The county public school corporation needs to have at every school a whole facility back up generator or a medium size generator and 200 gallons of gas, new medium size deep freezer to preserve the food in the walk in freezer and take care of the student and staff stuck at the school.

Every principle needs to take responsibility to get those reaming food, supplies and equipment to the mini FEMA camp facility.


Parents, concerned citizens and members of the church need to ask the leaders of the church and the school board to prepare for a long term power outage and be open to the idea of allowing them to place emergency supplies in the public or private school closest to their home and set up a min FEMA camp there to take care of the residence in the neighborhood who did not prepper and the small amount of people who use the last of there gas or find an abandoned car with gas to drive to the suburbs to ask for help. 

While they are warming up to this idea groups of prepper families need to combine there money to buy more supplies and be ready to make a decision on what is more risky trespassing / taking over a church or school building to set up a mini FEMA camp run by mature unprepared families and taking the risk of it burning down and being responsible for that or telling good desperate people that you can not help them.


I have a problem of wanting to ask for forgiveness second instead of permission first. I am working on this by sending letters to the church and public school corporations about being prepared for this event.

Another saying that I am fond of is “It is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.”

A lot of insurance companies are going to declare bankruptcy because they will not be able to cover all the claims when this event happens.  We can not assume that they will be able to collect from the insurance company if the building burns down.  I hope an attorney can argue that we were living in a world without the rule of law and theses organizations will not sue us from a public relations point of view and if we repair any minor damage to the facility.


Ever households needs to start prepping and have the same supplies in place as the church.  There is no exemption from prepping.   I am more concerned about innocent children and special needs children and I want the elderly and middle age people to survive to help save the innocent.  I would rather you be part of your the solution that your dead body being part of the problem

                             30.  Large Hotels

              and Restaurants can be Mini FEMA Camps

I am asking the hotel and restaurant industry to start making plans to be a Mini FEMA camp when the event happens. 


For hotels the main danger is fire. Children, elderly and special needs children have to be housed on the lower floors.  People who go up to the second floor do so at there own risk.  There will be no fire department rescue. 


Larger Hotels need to install a 2000 gallon propane tank and retrofit there back up generator to run on propane and natural gas.  They need to buy a Faraday blanket to lay over the generator to keep electromagnetic pulse from destroying the controls.

Larger hotels could also go to the extreme route of installing a well pump to pump water and a filter system to clean the contaminants if the hotel is in the city.


Smaller hotels need to have 12 volt pumps ready to pump water out of the swimming pool and then run it through a filter sink. 


Large restaurants near a large hotel need to network with the hotel in renting a storage unit to store 300 gallons of gasoline, two large generators, propane tanks and grills.  On the hotel property they will need six 275 gallon IBC caged water tank, a truckload of canned goods and medical supplies.

When you get the prepper bug ask your employees who live in apartments to bug out to the hotel with there families when the event happens.  Make up a contract that they will work 8 to 12 hour shifts while the other parent is watching the children for a certain amount of compensation.  

Send your gun prepper employees to training and buy the ammunition.  Ask them to put together a plan and shift rotation to secure and protect the perimeter of the hotel compound from anxious people and the surviving bad guys.

Take an inventory of your prepper employees.  You will need drill sergeant people to take charge and you will need hand holding people to calm and process fears.  Theses two types of individual will need to work the following areas, first aid, childcare, elder care, special needs child care, food, water to drink / cook, water for flushing the toilets and running the equipment.

If we are lucky the terrorist will only knock out the power to a major USA city for one year.  This will cause every one to become preppers.  Before this happens and after I am asking hotel and restaurant mangers to use there management and engineering skills to set up supplies and training for when they hit us again. 

                           Prepping Subject 31.  

                        Katrina, Harvey and Irma

Hurricane Katrina give us lessons about state and local officials being unprepared and expecting the government to rescue them quickly. FEMA and the state and local government's of Texas and Florida did a lot better job preparing and responding to Hurricane Harvey and Irma in 2017 than Louisiana did with Katrina.  

I believe the people who tried to ride out the storms do this because they live paycheck to paycheck.  They do not have $1000 minimum emergency fund.  With that they could leave their house with there pets and go to a motel room and have money to buy clothes and food.

FEMA had several days to stage resources, evacuate and get people into shelters.


When the grid is knocked out FEMA with all its best intentions can not quickly get into states where the power grid has been attacked.


                              Prepping Issue 32 

                       Social Chaos and Looting

The term social chaos is Rudely lumping together peaceful protesters with out of town paid protesters and local bad guys looters.

For people to do any of this they have to have a good night sleep, water for a shower, clean clothes and food.  

The attack on the utility grid remove theses luxuries. There will be looting of closed stores and unoccupied homes for drugs and items that can be sold when the power comes back on. The energy and gasoline in theses bad guys tanks and stomach will not last long.   

New Preppers often start out prepping from a place of fear of what other people are going to do after the event. This comes from hyped up local new coverage for ratings of bad people doing bad things and from watching prepper movies and TV shows.  In these fictional stories the writer creates a very strong super human villain bad guy for our hero to overcome.  I believe that that when you prepare from a place of fear you automatically believe that these characters are real. 




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