Food Tips and Suppliers


Buy coffee, powdered drinks and food that you and your family like to eat along with pasta, flour, sugar and powdered eggs.  

Network with your neighbors to find a chef to come to your compound to cook food to share or barter when the grid goes down.

Buy a freezer and line the bottom of it with 2 Liter bottles of frozen water.  This will help keep the food cold when the power is out and in between times when the generator is running.  Buy fruits and vegetables to cut up and freeze in vacuum sealed bags .  Fill your freezer with meat and egg beater cartons.   This will help you on your budget by not going to the store so often. There is always something to eat in the house.

When you get into advanced food preparations

there are freeze dried foods and MRE's.  Go in with your prepper neighbors on the purchase of a freeze dryer.  Items that have been freeze dried can be store on the shelf.  Let go of the idea of three meals a day plus snacks that taste good.   Practice being hungry now so you can feed the children first when the event happens.   Less intake of food and lots of manual labor and guard duty will cause your stomach to


                        Prepper Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee  

Disaster Coffee      

Holler Roast Coffee

                        Prepper Food

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Legacy Food Storage​

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NuManna Food Storage​

Off Kilter Brownies

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