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The Survival Mom

What do Preppers Really Look Like ?

How I organize my emergency supplies.

E60: Interview with The Survival Mom – Lisa Bedford

The Survival Mom wants Ladies to be able to hear what is          going on around them.

This product replaces sound dampening ear buds.  She says.

"These amazing speakers attach securely (really securely) to your clothes with magnets so you can enjoy crystal clear music, audio books, podcasts, and even answer the phone while you’re out and about – at the park, on a run, a hike, or watching the kids play in the yard."

The Survival Mom Sisterhood ( Hopefully no waiting list )

How well are you Preparded Printable Bubble Chart

The Patriot Nurse 

Dr. Christopher Cough Syrup:




Get Mullein:


Oil of Oregano :

Get Marshmallow Root:

Get this book:

Get Cough Syrup:


Super Garlic Immune: 


Get this book:

Get Chamomile bulk:

Get Yarrow bulk:

Get Catnip bulk:

Nurse Amy          

Alana Barfield, Women in Survival


Farm, Field, and Firearms with Amanda

Rae Bardon    Historical Handcrafts &  Drinking Horns




Viking & Weaver:

Samantha Biggers        

Survival & Knowledge for Uncertain Times 

Natalie Bogwalker ​  Wild Abundance​          

Amy Digmann

A Farmish kind of Life    

When You Just Want to Sit in Your Barn and Drink Beer

When it all makes you Mad

Kris Bordessa                 Attainable Sustainable

Easy Vegetables to Grow: (Almost) Fail-Proof Vegetable Garden for Beginners

Bernie Carr   Apartment Prepper

Cat The Herbal Prepper 

Christian Prepper Gal    

Chili with beef and beans | Meal-in-a-bag

How to make meals-in-a-bag without a dehydrator

Planting lettuce, spinach, and kale indoors | seedling updates


Jeanna Cournoyer             

Real World Self Defense.  Gun and Fighting for Preppers

Doomsday Prepper Jewelry

Jennifer Ess of “Rainy Day Food Storage”

Denali Gillen    Mom with a Prep

Leslie Ferrier


Reselling on eBay and other e-commerce platforms, transporting dogs, dog sitting, and small engine repair

3D design and printing with husband Brad

Jenn Fowler     Frugal Upstate

Anitra Kerr Simply Living Smart

Lisa & Dale      

Karen Lynn  Lil Suburban Homestead  

Laurie Long        My Life in a box

Gaye Levy     Strategic Living

Packaging Food for Long Term Storage Using Mylar Bags and O2 Absorbers

Laurie Neverman                Common Sense Home

Cooking Hacks You Can Use In the Kitchen Today – Interview with Laurie Neverman of Common Sense Home

When the power grid fails.

Linda Loosli 


Food Storage Moms  


Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of her articles covering a wide range of prepper topics from about How to Survive an Avalanche to a recipe for Cranberry Banana Coffee Cake


Daisy Luther           The Organic Prepper

E224: Canning – How to Overcome Poverty and NOT Kill Your Kids

E227: How to Make an Awesome Pantry for Disasters Big and Small

The Ladies of Prepping            Matter of Facts Podcast 

A Preppers Path with Lynna

Kelly Mauher               Real Best Life

Melissa K Norris      

13 Pantry Items to Always Have on Hand

Erica Nygaard    Living Life in Rural Iowa

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5 Ways To Prepare and Adapt To An Ever-Changing Political and Social Climate

Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Laundry!

Nine Ways Food Is Money (And Better Than Money!)

Ten Lessons Learned About Food From The Depression and Wartime

10 Ways To Prep When Real Life Gets In The Way

12 Areas You Need To Address Whether You Are      Prepared Or Not

12 Canning Supplies You Should Be Stocking Up On All Year Round

12 Steps To Take To Deal With (or Prepared For) Any Financial Emergency

12 Tips To Help You Get Started Living Self-Sufficiently

22 Ways You Can Live A More Sustainable Life

25 Ways To Save Money on Food and Groceries

30+ Cookbooks and Manuals You Should Have on Your Reference Shelf for Your Homestead and Your Preps


For Women, Prepping Is More Than Just Being Prepared

How Can You Financially Prepare For The Next Collapse?

How I Plan To Offer Hospitality and Build Community Before The World Goes To Hell

How long could you stay at home without leaving for anything?

How To Prepare For A Second Lockdown At Home

Have You Trained Your Kids To Work? What Will They Do When A SHTF Happens?

How to Work From Home During A Lockdown and Prepare For Another Lockdown

Laundry: What Should You Store and What Do You Need To Consider?

Let Go Of The Things That No Longer Serve You (And Have More Room For Your Preps)!

"That Wasn't So Bad" and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

Stockpiling Fuels: The Right and Wrong Way To Do It

The Dirty Truth About How To Start Homesteading

What Causes Food Supply Shortages and What Can You Do About It?

Why You Should Consider Stockpiling or Find Alternatives For Your Creature Comforts

Winter Preparedness: Getting Ready For Snowstorms and Blizzards

Nicole Sauce       Living Free in Tennessee

Holler Roast Coffee

Episode 167: Remember Not to Take Things Personally

Episode 381 Organizing Principles Community

Cherie Norton

Tammy Trayer    Mountain Women Radio

Podcast #103: Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom

Podcast #104: Interview with Teri Page of

Podcast #105: Interview with Lisa Murano of Murano Chicken Farm


Perky Prepping Gramma


​Teri Page of

Jen Pitino   The Urban Chicken Podcast

Prepper Princess


Morgan Rogue​                  Rogue Preparedness


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How Can I Help Your Preparedness?

How will you defend yourself when there are no police ?

Ultimate guide to bugging in emergency preparedness.

Best Comfort Foods To Ride Out The Storm

How Much Food Should You Prep?

How to Build Your Stockpile With $5 a Week

How to Prepare Your Home and Life for Civil Unrest

Should you join a MAG?   ( Mutual Assistance Group. )

Vehicle Safety Tips

5 Preparedness Tasks To Do Every Month

5 Problems Preppers Need To Overcome

5 Ways Preparedness Offers Independence

Prepardness Mama​   

Discover Thermos Cooking as a Preparedness Tool

Christa Swart ​     Prepsteaders on YouTube

What to do when the Toilet Paper is Gone and a Woman's honest review of Wysi-Wipes

Survivor Jane ​ 

How to make a survival bidet or "Hiney-Hydrant™"


TJ Preps

Kyt Lyn Walken, professional tracker and contributing writer

Bug Out Bag Advice for Women

Katie Wells      Wellness Mama    

My Natural First Aid Kit & Remedy Cabinet

Marjory Wildcraft    Grow Network​

Victory Girls Blog

                          Lady Prepper with Guns


A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League



Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast

Pretty Loaded   Personal Safety Training​

The Well Armed Women​

                       Women of Prepping Series

​Do a Internet search of the episode title to bring up a link.

Episode-1107- Women of Prepping Series Episode 1 11:34

Episode-1117- Women of Prepping Series Episode 2   8:24

Episode-1139- Women of Prepping Series Episode 3   

Episode-1140- Women of Prepping Series Episode 4   8:50

Episode-1156- Woman of Prepping Series Episode 5 10:50

Episode-1162- Women of Prepping Series Episode 6   8:05

Episode-1234- Women of Prepping Series Episode 8 15:54

Episode-1238- Jenna Woginrich from The One Woman Farm                                                                   Start at 7:54


​Episode-1265- Christine Faith on Backyard and Urban Farming                                                             Start at 10:01

Episode-1276- Beth Warford of PrettyLoaded.Org     10:04

Episode-1113- Fodder Systems and Small Scale Farming

with Teresa Hord                                                Start at 5:25

Episode-1300- Lisa Haywood on Prepping from a Legal Stand Point                                                       Start at 34:13

Episode-1346- Demetria Clark on Herbs for Living and Healing                                                              Start at 14:05

Episode-1846- Jessica Mills on Light Weight Back Packing and Rebooting in Nature                    Start at 6:50 


Episode-2010- Nicole Sauce on Building Local Demand in a Niche Market                                                 Start at 12:53                                                                        

Episode-2104- Nicole Sauce on the Prepping Mindset in Business                                                            Start at 7:00

Episode-2113- Cat Ellis on Self Reliance though Herbal Medicine                                                          Start at 8:55

Linda Loosli             Food Storage Moms

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3 Bean Chili Soup Mix In A Jar

5 Easy Baking Powder Substitutes

6 Guidelines for Essential Life Skills

7 Tips for Sustainable Gardening

7 Ways to Build a Survival Shelter

8 Must-Haves for Choosing the Perfect Bug Out Location

8 Rational Reasons to Prepare

8 Ways to Convince Your Loved Ones to Prep

9 of the Best Party Appetizers

9 Easy To Make Refreshing Drinks

9 Pandemic Habits to Keep

9 Prepping Tips for Outdoor Survival

9 Things You Should Buy At Costco

9 Ways to Make Easy Extra Money

9 Ways to Stay Warm Without Electricity

10 Cooking from Scratch Tips

10 Essential Ingredients You Need When Baking

10 Foods You Should Never Dehydrate

10 Hygiene and Sanitation Tips for a Disaster

10 Things They Don’t Teach You in School

10 Food Storage Ideas When You Don’t Have a Pantry

10 Foods to Stretch Your Food Budget

10 Habits Of People Who Are Never Broke

10 Homesteading Skills We Must Know

10 Non-Food Items for Home Storage

10 Reasons to Stock Up On Rubbing Alcohol

10 Important Pioneer Skills

10 Simple Ideas on Beginning Prepping

10 Things You Should Do Before You Evacuate

10 Things You Should Stop Buying

10 Tips to Improve Your Garden Soil

10 Uses for Powdered Milk or Instant Milk

10 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors for Prepping Purposes

10 Ways to Stay Cool Without Electricity

11 Foods To Buy On A Cheap Budget

12 Budget-Friendly Beautiful Garden Tips

12 Fantastic Uses for Apples

12 Natural Pest Remedies

12 Reasons Why You Should Prep

12 Tips Old Preppers Can Teach New Preppers

12 Unusual Uses for Salt

13 of the Best Gardening Tips Ever

13 Things You’ll Regret Not Having When SHTF

13 Things You Should Buy At Costco

13 Surprising Uses for Flour

13 Survival Uses for Paracord

13 Ways to Use Bacon Grease

14 Items Preppers Shouldn’t Throw Away

15 Different Ways to Make Fire Starters

15 Emergency Numbers You Need

15 Foods You Should Be Dehydrating

15 Life Skills Your Kids Need

15 Street Smarts Skills We All Need

15 Surprising Uses for Coca-Cola

15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells

15 Tips for Buying Your First Dehydrator

15 Uses for Coffee Grounds

15 Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient

15 Ways to Clean Your Home with Borax

17 Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient

20 Amazing Uses for Zip Ties

20+ Cheap Food Items You Should Store Now

20 Common Kitchen Tools You Need

20 Refreshing Homemade Popsicles

20 Savory Pizza-Inspired Recipes

20 Staple Pantry Items for Making Cheap Meals

20 Uses for Coconut Oil

20 Ways to Step Up Security Measures Around Your Property

25 Emergency Items You Need

25 Important Items You Should Have In Your Home

25 Prepping Items to Hoard


25 Survival Items You Forgot to Buy

30 Survival Foods to Stockpile for Any Disaster

50 Signs That You Might Be a Prepper

Beans, beans, good for your heart and your wallet!

Best Prepper Gear: Big Items to Save For

Best Snacks to Take With You When SHTF


Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots


Best Vehicles for Surviving the End of the World


Bunker Building: What You Need to Know

Chicken and Dressing Casserole


Chicken Noodle Soup Mix in a Jar

Chocolate: Everything You Want to Know

Critical Survival Skills You Should Practice at Home

Common Misconceptions About Preppers

Communication for Your Family During a Disaster

Cranberry Banana Coffee Cake

Critical Documents You Need for Emergencies

Crucial Steps You Can Take to Be Prepared

Depression vs Recession: Are You Prepared?


Diatomaceous Earth: What You Need to Know

Difference Between a Prepper and a Survivalist


Disaster Organizations: Can You Depend On Them?

Dos and Don’ts for Gardening Your First Year


Easy Baked Cheesy Zucchini Bites

Easy 2-Ingredient Biscuit Recipe

Easy To Make Chocolate Covered Oreos

Easy To Make Soft Dinner Rolls


Easy Vegetables Anyone Can Grow


Emergency Essentials Every Child Needs

Emergency Essentials Every Family Should Have

Emergency Forms of Communication


Essential Items Every Household Needs

Essential Skills You’ll Need After a Pandemic

Everything You Need to Know About Martial Law

Family Documents: What You Need

Fear Can Fuel Transformation

Fire Extinguishers: More Important than a Gun?

First Aid Kit Ideas For Your Pets

Food Safety Tips During an Emergency

Food Storage: What I Have Changed

Food Storage: What I Stock and Why

Foods with the Longest Shelf Life

Friendship Soup Mix In A Jar

Fruit Powder: How To Make It and Use It

Gardening Techniques: Which One is Right for You?


Grocery Shopping Life Skills


Growing Fresh Lettuce Indoors Year-Round

Gun Sales Surge to a Record High in 2020


Herbal Remedies Straight from the Garden

Honey: Everything You Want to Know

Hot Cocoa Bombs Are Easy To Make

House Dress: What You Need to Know


How Long Are Eggs Good For?

How to Barter with Food and Water

How to Be Happy

How to Be Prepared Before You Need to Be

How to Build an Underground Shelter in the Woods

How to Care for Wooden Utensils

How to Conserve Water in an Emergency

How to Cook Rice


How to Deal with a Rodent Infestation

How To Dehydrate Parsley/Plus Powder


How To Dehydrate Zucchini-Sliced & Cubed

How to Find Other Water Sources in an Emergency

How To Get Started With CERT in Your Community

How to Garden With 5-Gallon Buckets

How to Grow an Emergency Garden

How to Grow Ginger


How to Grow Mint in Your Backyard

How to Live Without a Refrigerator

How to Make Brown Sugar

How To Make Corned Beef

How to Make Your Own Tea

How to Make Vintage Glazed Doughnuts


How to Manage Animal Bites in an Emergency

How to Handle Burns in an Emergency


How to Improve Your Garden Soil: Amendments Needed

How To Make A Dutch Oven Stand Cheap

How To Make My No-Fail Homemade Bread

How to Make Prepping Affordable

How to Make Sugar Cookie Bars


How to Make Your Water Safe

How to Make Water Safe in an Emergency

How to Maximize Your Garden’s Production


How to Mentally Prepare Your Family for Prepping

How to Prepare for a National Emergency

How to Prepare for Isolation

How To Prepare Your House Against Looters

How to Prep for Hurricane Season

How to Prep on a Budget

How to Start a Garden

How to Stay Connected When SHTF


How to Stay Warm Without Power


How to Stock Your Pantry

How to Stock Your Pantry for Winter

How to Stock Your Pantry for Under $100


How to Survive a Boil Water Notice 

How to Survive in a Cashless Society

How to Survive in a Homeless Shelter

How to Survive in a Post Pandemic World

How to Survive Mentally When SHTF

How to Take Care of Your Teeth in a World with No Dentist


How to Tell If a Watermelon Is Sweet

How to Use a Grill as an Emergency Cooking Option

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth in Your Garden


Hygiene Tips for an End of the World Scenario

Infection Prevention: Tips to Stay Healthy


Inflation, Food Shortage & Gas Crisis: Will it Get Worse?

Instant Pot® Cheesecake

Instant Pot® Hummus and Mediterranean Bowl

Instant Pot® Creamy Brussel Sprouts


Lemon Tree: Everything You Need To Know

Living Off the Grid: Is it Right for You?


Living Without the Grocery Store

List of the Best Food Storage Supplies for Us

Managing the Mental Stress of Prepping


Must-Have List for the Next Pandemic

Non-Lethal Ways to Defend Your Home When SHTF

Open Fire Cooking 101

Orange Peels: 15 Ways to Use Them


Parent Emergency Essentials Every Parent Needs

Pasta Fagioli Soup Mix in a Jar


Pork Breakfast Sausage


Pork: Everything You Need to Know

Powdered Eggs: Everything You Need To Know

Power Grid Failure: What You Will Need

Prepping Advice that Just Makes Sense

Prepping for Beginners: A Guide to Get You Started

Prepping for When Flooding Strikes


Prepping in the North vs the South


Prepping Items to Stock

Prepping Items You Can Find at Thrift Stores

Prepping Items You Should Buy Used


Proper Waste Disposal During an Emergency

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe-Only Two Ingredients


Rattlesnakes: What You Need to Know

Recipes You Can Make in Your Rice Cooker

Riots vs Protests: What You Need to Know

Rural Versus Urban Prepping: How to Prepare


Sausage Gravy Recipe

Should You Bug In or Bug Out? What to Know

Should You Tell Others You’re Prepping? Pros & Cons

Sneaky Places to Hide Your Valuables


Soft and Chewy Snickerdoodle Recipe

Soft Cream Cheese Frosted Sugar Cookies

Sourdough French Bread


Sourdough English Muffins


Stink Bugs: What You May Not Know

Superfoods You Should Stock


Supplies Needed for a Power Outage

Surviving an EMP Encounter

Swedish Apple Pie -The Easiest Pie You Will Ever Make

The Best Banana Bread & Muffins

The Best 5-Gallon Water Jugs


The Best Ham Salad Ever


The Best Herbal Plants to Grow for Homemade Tea


The Best Herbs To Grow In Mason Jars


The Best Heavy Cream Substitutes

The Best Slow Cooker Garlic Mashed Potatoes

The Best Water Storage Containers


The Ultimate Prepping List

The Very Best M & M Cookie Bar Recipe

Tips for Emergency Preparedness For Those With a Disability

Tips For Storing Emergency Supplies in Your Vehicle

Tips On Storing Food Storage Safely


Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Tips for the Elderly

Top Emergency Toilet Options


Top Gardening Tips for Beginner Gardeners


Top Gardening Tools You Need


Top Herbs that Work Great for Healing


Top 10 Healing Plants to Grow

Top Threats You Need to Be Prepared to Survive

Tornado Watch vs Tornado Warning

Uses for Cream of Tartar

Vegetable Pizza for Parties


Vegetables That Grow In The Shade

Ways That You Can Cope Following an Emergency

What are Preppers Prepping For?

What are Rolling Blackouts?

What Can I Do With All These Bananas?

What Every Pantry Should Have

What Happens When Your Prepping Supplies are Gone?

What is Core Gardening


What is Keyhole Gardening?

What Is The Difference Between Flu and COVID-19?


What to Cook in an Emergency

What to Do Before a Tropical Storm Hits


What to Do For Food in a Survival Situation


What to do With Your Pets in an Emergency

What to Know About MREs

What to Store in Your Pantry for an Emergency

What to Take to People Who are Sick

What to Use for Emergency Lighting

What You Need in Your Emergency Kit

What You Need In Your Pantry Cabinet


What You Need In Your Working Pantry


What You Will Need If the Power Goes Out

When the Power Grid Fails: Things You Will Need


Which Flowers are Great for Vegetable Gardens

Why DO we prep?


Why You Need to Learn to Grow Your Own Food

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Why Foot Health is So Important

Yellow Squash: The Best Way To Cook It