Medical Speech and Suppliers

On medical there are two categories one is your own personal

health and the other medical supplies for the family and the compound.

One of the challenges that I face is high cholesterol.  It is hard to resist a bacon egg and cheese sandwich from White Castle every other day.  It is not good for me and I can not afford it.  

Go to the doctor and find a way to be healthy and get off medications that will not be available for a while.  

Lots of walking and swimming is great exercise. Walk up and down the street and when you see your neighbors talk to them about prepping.
If there is a medical procedure such as rotatory cuff / knee replacement, cataract surgery or Lasik, do that stuff now.  The services may be hard to come by after the event and you will be in better shape for when the event happens. 

Save your prescription medicines that you do not finish.  See if your doctor will write you extra prescriptions to save up for medical issues that are hereditary and can not be eliminated by lifestyle changes.

Do some research on herbal medication that can treat condition that you and family members have. Grow these herbs in a raised flowed beds.


Buy used basic first aid equipment such stethoscope, blood pressure machines, thermometers, pules oxygen level readers and blood sugar monitors.

Take several First Aid Classes from Nurse Amy   and the Patriot Nurse

First Aid. Have bandages, crutches, ice packs, wound seal / quick clot, lots of latex gloves and 10 of every item the medical section of the Dollar tree.

The Patriot Nurse ​      

Cat the Herbal Prepper

Chinook Medical Gear​

Chuck Hudson            

Doc Bones & Nurse Amy

Dark Angel Medical Kits & Training

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