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Seven Host Round Table Discussion




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Casual Preppers Podcast      Episode 113 Prepper Habits 

Duff & Dale             duffanddale.com/category/podcast

Living Free in Tennessee     livingfreeintennessee.com   

Episode 287: TOTW on Fear and Freedom

Matter of Facts Podcast                      mofpodcast.com                                

Firearms training in the post COVID-19 landscape w/ Trek from MDFI 


Mrs. Matter of Facts: Married to a prepper


Prepper Stereotypes


Prepper Net.  A Nationwide Prepper Membership Site --- Where Prepper's Unite!!!

The Prepping Academy Podcast

preppingacademy.com                 preppernet.com

EMPs & CMEs - Dr. Arthur Bradley on PrepperNet


Prepping 2.0                      prepping2-0.com

NYPD Detective and National Guardsman on the Criminal Mind and How People Freak Out During Disasters    9:07



Prisons during SHTF from a Prison Worker   Start 16:32     



Sam Culper from Forward Observer on Intel for Preppers – Especially in the Age of Rioting


The Prepper Website Podcast


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Eight Reasons Why You Should Get Prepped

Building Your Stockpile with Cheap Foods

Finding Ways to Prep When You Have No Money

How to Deal with Conflicts - A Skill You Need to Know!

How to Hand Wash Clothes Without Growing Tired

Items that Fly Off the Shelf First

Making Hardtack, Stocking Up for Type 1 Diabetes, Communicating without Technology

Open “Prep” Letter to Family and Friends, Pandemics  and The Intangible Prep!

Pregnancy and Birthing Babies When the SHTF with Dr. Joe and Amy Alton

Talking to Loved Ones About What Is Coming

Staying Warm and Low Cost Prepping

         The Realistic Preppers

Combatives - why you need to know how to fight!


Active Shooter / Church Security


Community: Why you don't want to hide in a bunker alone!


Mob Control & Heightened Situational Awareness


Self Deference Radio Network                sdrn.us

All of Your Pro Freedom Podcast in One Place

Survival and Basic Badass Podcast


Survival Medicine Hour             doomandbloom.net

Survivalist Prepper.net


Emps, Cmes and nuclear meltdown with Matthew Stein

Getting the Family Onboard with Prepping

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American Prepper Network       americanpreppersnetwork.com

Around The Cabin               aroundthecabin.com

​Ask a Prepper         ​             askaprepper.com

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Five things you can do if people find out you are a prepper.

5-Minutes DIY Tested Faraday Cage Out Of A Trash Can

6 Backyard Plants You Can Turn Into Bread

6 Things To Do Immediately In An Extended Blackout

8 Silent Weapons To Have Against Intruders

8 Small Survival Projects You Are Missing On Your Property

10 Good Spots To Hide Your Food In A Crisis

10 Medical Home Emergencies and How to Manage Them

10 Plants for a Complete Backyard Walgreens

10+ Shooting Skills You Need To Practice

10 Spices That Make Your Food Last Longer

10+ Things to Do to Winter-Proof Your Home

11 Foods That Should Never Be Kept Next to Each Other

15 Cheap Survival Items You Should Stockpile

17 Lessons Learned From An 80 Year-Old Nurse

18 Deadly Mistakes That Can Kill Your EMP Plan

23 Prepping Items that You Can Find at Dollar Store

30 Long Lasting Recipes Grandma Made During WWII

A Medicinal Garden Kit For Starting A Small Backyard Pharmacy

Be Aware Of This When You Smoke Your Meat!

Best Canned Foods For Emergencies On The Market Today

Best Dogs To Have Around For SHTF

Best Household Self-Defense Items You Probably Have In Your Home Right Now

Cheapest Foods that You Can Stockpile


Classified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst Fears

DIY Condensed Milk Recipe That Can Last More Than 2 Years

DIY Candle Lantern From A Soda Can

Grow Your Own Toilet Paper

Home Security Tips From A Military Expert

How Much Ammo You Need For Practice Just To Keep Your Shooting Skills In Shape

How To Become Untraceable When SHTF

How To Build A Cheap Bunker In Your Backyard

How To Cultivate Your Own Wild Yeast Starter

How To Cut Out The Weight Of Your Bug Out Bag

How To Deal With Neighbors And Friends That Come Begging For Food At Your Door In A Crisis

How To Dehydrate Milk For Long Term Storage

How To Escape Zip Ties

How to Harden Your Home Against Intruders

How To Make A Bug Out Bag Jacket

How To Make A Meat Powder That Can Last 5 Years

How To Make A Pain-Relieving Willow Bark Tincture

How To Make A Water Pump In Your Backyard

How To Make Bacon Powder

How To Make Powdered Eggs

How To Make Your Own Salt For SHTF

How To Prepare Your Car In Case You Have To Live In It

How To Preserve Eggs With Lime Water

How To Outfox FEMA In The Upcoming Economic Crisis

How To Restore A Cast Iron You Bought At Garage Sales

How To Safely Remove Poison Ivy And Hemlock From Your Backyard

How To Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTF

How To Survive When You’re The Target Of An Angry Mob

How To Seal Food Without A Vacuum Sealer

How To Tell When People Are Lying to You (in a crisis)

If You Don’t Have These 7 Items, You Are Not Really Prepared

If You Know Someone Who is New to Prepping, Send This to Them

Ingenious Traps You Can Set Up On Your Property To Catch Looters

Livestock Animals You Should Start Raising For The Upcoming Economic Crisis

No-Knead Sourdough Bread

Remove These 14 Things from Your Medicine Cabinet Immediately

The Anatomy of a Shooting

The Best Places Where You Can Store Fuels Safely          In an Emergency

The Most Probable Crises You Need To Prepare For In 2021

The Only Knot Every Prepper Should Know

The Police and Military when SHTF – Friend or Armed Foe?

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

The 30 Cents Survival Food That You Should Hoard

Things You Throw Away That You Should Add To Your Stockpile Instead

What Happens If You Smoke Garlic Cloves

What Happens If You Soak Your Meat In Vinegar Overnight?

What Is The Best Way To Store Water For SHTF?

What I Found When I Opened Up My Bug Out Supplies

What the Government Can or Can’t Do Under Martial Law

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your Town

What To Do In The Upcoming US Ammunition Shortage

What To Do When Stores Run Out Of Guns And Ammo

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMP

Why You Should Get A Dog For When SHTF

Backdoor Survival                backdoorsurvival.com

Beans Bullets Bandages and You


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4 Rules: YES To Gun Safety

​6 Emergency Lighting Options

Basic Disaster Clean-Up Preps

Be Hard to Kill

Clothing: My Organized Approach

Dehydrating Food? Get ready now!

Down Time is Important

Four Common Prepper Mistakes

Go? Stay? When To Beat Feet!

My Thoughts On Lists

Necessity vs. Luxury

Non-Prescription Drugs & Interactions

Reduce Your Footprint

Skills vs Stuff

Testing Old Storage Food

Butter Cup Made                   buttercupmade.com                                                 

Handmade Aprons, Pillowcases, Bags, and More.

Common Sense Home.       commonsensehome.com


When the power grid fails.


Disaster Prepper ​                  disasterpreparer.com

Dr. Arthur Bradley.   NASA


ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE ( EMP ) explained in the interview below.


Disaster Web              disasterweb.net

Emergency Essentials,             beprepared.com

10 Survival Apps You Need Now


FEMA​              fema.gov

Harvest Eating   Chef Keith Snow   harvesteating.com

Homesteady                           thisishomesteady.com

Homesteading Family           homesteadingfamily.com

Paul T. Martin                          paultmartin.com

After Action Review: Texas Winter Storm 2021

Modern Survival Online 

10 Critical Items Most Preppers Overlook


My Patriot Supply            mypatriotsupply.com

Never Free Farm              neverfreefarm.com

Prepper Camp                  preppercamp.com

Prepper Net.      Forrest Garvin    preppernet.com


Practical Preppers​​    Scott Hunt   practicalpreppers.com


Prepper.com              Prepare for Anything


Prepper Survive​         prepperssurvive.com


The Preparedness Experience . com 


Prepper Website                          prepperwebsite.com

A New Prepper’s Checklist – 10 Things a New Prepper Should Start Right Away!


​Bootstrap It: Get a Side-Hustle to Survive and Thrive


Could You Make a Final Run to the Store Before the SHTF? Think It Through!


How to Test if a Plant Is Edible


How to Use a Chainsaw


Purchasing and Using Your First Portable Generator


The Rain Catchment Tarp



Emergency Preparedness 101: What to keep in your emergency kit


Create a Home Safety Plan for Your Family


Secret Garden of Survival

How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest


1776 Patriots USA           1776patriotusa.com


SHIT Preparedness         shtfpreparedness.com

How To Start Prepping


Survival Cache                    survivalcache.com

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41 Essential Items For Sheltering in Place

DIY: Beer Can Alcohol Stove

​​Survivalist Prepper              survivalistprepper.net


Duff & Dale                           duffanddale.com

The Bugout Location           thebugoutlocation.com

Mind 4 Survival                     mind4survival.com

EMP’S, CME’S and Nuclear Meltdown with Matthew Stein 


Preparedness Skills for Long Term Disasters


Prepping and Budgeting


The Increasing Threat of an EMP Attack


The Best Batteries for Emergency Preparedness Storage


The 12 Most Important SHTF Survival Tools, Prepping Gear and Skills 


Understanding Different Personalities & Prepping


What are the 6 Areas of Preparedness?


Survival Blog                      survivalblog.com

Survival Dispatch               survivaldispatch.com

Survival Mom​                      thesurvivalmom.com

Survival Sullivan                 survivalsullivan.com


The Prepper Journal          theprepperjournal.com

The Six Ps and The Three Ss of prepping


The Provident Prepper            theprovidentprepper.org

This Old Prepper                      thisoldprepper.com

True Prepper                             trueprepper.com

Urban Survival Site                  urbansurvivalsite.com

Stefan Verstappen                    chinastrategies.com

Viking Preparedness               vikingpreparedness.com 

When Technology Fails           whentechfails.com



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Prepper  Con                                 preppercon.com

Prepper Shows USA.                    preppershowsusa.com

Prepper Survive       prepperssurvive.com/prepper-expo

RK Prepper Show                         rkpreppershows.com

             Unemotional Critical Thinking Podcasts

I am a big fan of the above concept.  I believe the tools and the training in theses podcast are needed to survive the stress of the event.

The Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky Show


​No Safe Spaces Documentary

No Safe Spaces reveals how identity politics and the suppression of free speech are spreading into every part of society and threatening to divide America.


In the last segment of the podcast below, starting at 54:54, is a good statement on Adams Carolla's view of the Iranian protest and the history of mistakes the USA has made. 


      Jordan Harbinger Podcast



The above is a good episode on dealing with the 15% bad guys who will not die soon after the event and will be looking at your compound.