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Common sense  When the power grid fails


Preparedness Skills for Long Term Disasters



I am a big fan of the above concept.  I believe the tools and the training in theses podcast are needed to survive the stress of the event.

The Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky Show

​No Safe Spaces Documentary

No Safe Spaces reveals how identity politics and the suppression of free speech are spreading into every part of society and threatening to divide America.

In the last segment of the podcast below, starting at 54:54, is a good statement on Adams Carolla's view of the Iranian protest and the history of mistakes the USA has made.

      Jordan Harbinger Podcast

The above is a good episode on dealing with the 15% bad guys who will not die soon after the event and will be looking at your compound. 



Do a Internet search of the episode title to bring up a link.

Episode-5- Starting From Zero with Emergency Survival

Episode-8- 15 Misconceptions About Surviving Disasters

                         and Understanding Disaster Threats

Episode-10- 15 No Risk Survival Tactics

Episode-11- Can Socialism and Liberty Coexist?

Episode-13- The Individual Benefits of Green Energy

Episode-17- A Libertarian View of our Current Government

Episode-20- From Home to Homestead

Episode-25- Developing Situational Awareness for

                      Modern Survival Living

Episode-29- Setting and Prioritizing Survival Planning Goals

Episode-32- Making the Move from City to Country Living

Episode-33- The Unique Challenges of Economic Collapse               

                      Survival Planning

Episode-34- Seven Highly Underrated Survival Skills You                                                  Should Develop

Episode-35- Considering Your Options When Buying a Home

                      for Self Sufficiency

Episode-40- Is Global Cooling the Next Real Threat?

Episode-41- Thoughts on Flu Pandemic and Survival Planning

                      for Disease Outbreaks

Episode-42- Five Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

                      and Economy

Episode-43- Five More Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

Episode-47- Why We Prepare – Lesson of the Grasshopper and the Ant

Episode-50- How to Survive – An Overview of Modern Survivalist Philosophy

Episode-59- The Issues Test – Where do you Stand – Does it Matter?

Episode-60- Keeping Your Head in Tough Times

Episode-66- Secondary Income Opportunities for Modern Survival

Episode-70- Stored Food Gives you a High Return on Investment

Episode-71- Watch out for combined threats

Episode-85 What if Nothing Goes Wrong

Episode-91- Survival Prepping is a Good Investment

Episode-102- Modern Survivalism Pulling it all Together – Part 1

Episode-103- Pulling it all Together – Part 2

Episode-116- Making Due With What You Have

Episode-118- Understanding Multiple Systems of Dependence

Episode-123- There is No Downside to the Survival Lifestyle

Episode-125- Mental Simulations of Disaster Scenarios

Episode-127- Why You Must Store Food

Episode-128- Turning a Home into a Homestead

Episode-129- 6 Emergency Heat Options

Episode-131- Making Beer and Mead at Home

Episode-137- Individual Secession from The Systems

Episode-138- What if Climate Change Means Global Cooling?

Episode-144- More on State Sovereignty

Episode-150- Are all Survivalists Right Wing Politically Speaking

Episode-151- Finding The Time To Prep

Episode-152- Dealing With Anti Survivalist Stigma

Episode-172- Developing the Survival Skills Kit – Part 1  Start at 08:00

Episode-173- Do You Hide Who You Are

Episode-174- 12 Simple Steps Toward Modern Survival Living

Episode-175- Planning vs Paranoia.                             Start at 5:35

Episode-178- Six Potential TEOTWAWKI Threats.       Start at 4:50

Episode-183- Why Do Preppers Prep?                          Start at 4:00

Episode-187- Conspiracy Theories Nonsense and Reality.   Start at 5:05

Episode-190- Is a Global Food Shortage Inevitable?           Start at 13:34

Episode-191- Survival Reaction Mentality ( to Pandemic )  Start at 14:27                

Episode-193- Debt Elimination is Survivalism 101               Start at 05:21

Episode-194 The Modern Survival Philosophy                     Start at 03:02

Episode-237- Listener Questions             A New Lady Prepper asks 

How do you stay positive once you wake up to danger       Start at 07:33

Episode-239- Starting Out as a Young Survivalist                Start at 09:35

Episode-240- Audience Questions                                         Start at 08:36


What are the advantages/disadvantages of living                                        in the city, small towns, suburbs, remotely, etc.?

Is cooking an important skill to learn for SHTF and daily survival?

Episode-242- Overlooked Preps for Modern Survivalists    Start at 10:28

Episode-245- Dealing With A Job Loss                                  Start at 10:58

Episode-251- Prepper Mentality vs. Self Sufficient Mentality    Start  8:47

Episode-261- The Debt Prison vs. the Survivalist

Episode-264- The Core Concepts of The Survival Podcast Community

Episode-269- The Issues Test, Where Do you Stand and Why?

Episode-279- The Foundational Principle of Modern Survivalism

Episode-281- An Interview With Listener Barb Harrington

Episode-283- Emergency Vehicle Preparations ( Bug Out Vehicle )

Episode-284- 20 Simple Steps to More Independence

Episode-285- Listener Questions                                           Start at 46:15

What advice do I have on choosing a dog for a family companion and protector

Episode-286- The Homestead Dog                                           Start at 5:45

Episode-298- Starting the Journey from Grasshopper to Ant     Start 5:32

Episode-303- It is The Systems not The System                    Start at 06:42

Episode-309- 10 Thoughts on Rural Living

Episode-310- Listener Questions.                                           Start at 04:10 


  Could we ever go to a “flat tax”, why and why not ?

Episode-313- Audience Questions.                                         Start at 38:28

  • Why am I personally so loose on Operational Security ? 


  • What advice do I have for others on OPSEC ?

  • How can you open minds about prepping in 60 seconds ?

Episode-319- Ten Principles of Modern Survivalism.                 Start at 05:24

Episode-320- The 5 Rules of Food Storage for Modern Survivalists      04:28

Episode-324- The Evil Twins of Debt and Taxes                          Start at 06:10

Episode-327- Listener Questions                                                  Start at 39:23

Settling a gun argument between a husband and wife,                                    is there a cut and dry answer

Episode-354- Four Rules of Storing Food                                   Start at 04:50

Episode-359- Can You Feed Yourself                                           Start at 06:09

Episode-369- The Cancer and Slavery of Debt                           Start at 06:54

Episode-370- Situational Awareness vs Normalcy Bias            Start at 04:19

Episode-371- 10 Under Rated Post TEOTWAWKI Skills             Start at 04:52

Episode-375- The Common Factors of Three Different Disasters  Start 06:47

Episode-376- Underrated TEOTWAWKI Skills from the Audience  Start 10:50

Episode-391- Individual Revolution and Freedom                     Start at 04:02

Episode-401- RVs as a Survival Prep                                      Start at 06:35

Episode-404- Food Storage for Better Living Today              Start at 07:20

Episode-416- Dealing With Violent Confrontations                Start at 09:15

Episode-421- How to Develop Your Personal Survival Plan  Start at 07:00

Episode-423- Thoughts on the Use of Deadly Force              Start at 04:17

Episode-435- The Revolution is You                                        Start at 10:12

Episode-437- The Road to Individual Energy Independence     Start 07:25

Episode-441- Survival Podcast Listener Feedback                Start at 52:33

How do you negotiate big ticket purchases like vehicles, boats,                real estate and RVs

Episode-442- Listener Feedback                                                  Start at 19:50

Thoughts on a carry gun for a Lady and problems with a Bersa 380

Episode-443- Change Your Nation By Changing Yourself         Start at 07:50 


Episode-450- The Bridge Between Self Reliance and Self Sufficiency  08:32


Episode-476- Building That Better Life                                   Start at 04:57

Episode-454- Listener Feedback                                             Start at 44:07

How do you deal with failure in life day to day, not just in a SHTF?

Episode-457- Putting Your House Hold in Order                   Start at 04:52

Episode-461- Why Survivalism?                                             Start at 06:38

Episode-464- Listener Feedback                                            Start at 10:36

Getting a worried spouse on board with gun ownership

Episode-463- Call In Friday                                                    Start at 20:06

Is your sewer system “electric” if so what does that mean

Episode-465- Technology Based Tools for Preppers

Episode-467- If the World Doesn’t End Won’t You Feel Stupid?       09:00

Episode-474- Disaster Probability, Impact and Commonality           05:58

Episode-475- What a Few Big Disaster Scenarios Might Be Like     05:51

Episode-476- Building That Better Life                                  Start at 04:56     

Episode-483- 20 Simple Steps to Basic Preparedness         Start at 05:56


Episode-485- Call In Thursday                                                 Start at 32:00


Chemical dependency and disaster

Episode-490- Establishing Local Resource Knowledge                             in Advance of Disaster                                                            Start at 06:00

Episode-492- Survival Podcast Call In                                    Start at 23:22

How do you get a resistant spouse to be okay with prepping

Episode-495- The Unique Needs of the Urban and Suburban Prepper

Episode-502- Bugging In vs. Bugging Out – Answering with Logic

Episode-503- The Goals of The Survival Podcast                 Start at 07:00

Episode-506- Why We Prep – The Real Reasons                  Start at 04:59

Episode-521- Why I Think The Way I Do                                Start at 05:08

Episode-528- Listener Feedback 10-11-10                             Start at 35:12

A story of how prepping for two teachers held a friend in need

Episode-531- Life On Your Own Terms                                   Start at 06:45

Episode-534- Prep? Save Money? Or Enjoy Life?                 Start at 05:18

Episode-536- Call In Friday                                                      Start at 04:58

How can a house hold of women deal with danger                                during a breakdown if unarmed

Episode-553- Ten Ways to Test Your Preps                            Start at 06:34

Episode-554- Listener Calls                                                     Start at 06:28

A listener relays his experience with a rural black out

Back up heating options

Using motorcycles in an emergency or during an energy crisis


Episode-564- Listener Feedback.                                            Start at 27:00

Dealing with stigma, bias and “fringe groups” calling themselves survivalists

Episode-610- Staying Positive in a World Full of Disaster    Start at 06:10

Episode-620- Frank Sharpe Jr. on Armed and Unarmed Self Defense 4:55

Episode-625- Keeping Your Wits When Others are Losing Their’s     05:38

Episode-626- Prepping from Starting Out to Advanced Tactics         05:40

Episode-632- Listener Calls.                                                    Start at 30:34

The real source of bias against preppers by media and the sheeple

Episode-635- Creating Your Vision of Liberty                        Start at 06:23

Episode-637- Listener Call.  Dealing with drug addicts during a SHTF

Episode-648- Reaching the Unreachable                                Start at 06:06

Episode-649- Listener Calls                                                      Start at 05:34

Self defense on vacation and situational awareness

Self defense tools for woman where a gun isn’t an option     


Episode-653- Thirteen Interesting Facts About Liberty.        Start at 05:07

Episode-670- The Power of Redundancy                                Start at 05:40 

Episode-672- Embracing Technology as a Modern Survivalist

Episode-673- Listener Calls. Start at 11:44

How do you deal with the dead in a SHTF scenario

Episode-677- Listener Calls.  Start at 41:09

Using high profile disasters to evangelize preparedness

Episode-680- 14 Steps to the Personal Libertarian Lifestyle.  Start 05:40

Episode-687- Listener Calls.  Start at 25:57

What can be done to get more women into survival living

Episode-689- Dr. Kyle Christensen on Herbal and Alternative Remedies

Episode-691- Listener Call.                                                     Start at 05:54  

 Is it getting easier to share prepping and if so why

Episode-704- Listener Feedback.                                                Start at 50:40

Dealing with deniers, the easy way.

Episode-707- Steven Harris on Bio Fuels for Personal Energy Independence.                                                                          Start at 05:33

Episode-712- Listener Calls.                                                    Start at 50:54

Keeping ( and Being an ) Every Day Carry Minimalist

Episode-732- Leadership and Its Role for American Survival  Start 04:49

Episode-743- Paul Seyfried on Nuclear Biological Chemical ( NBC ) Underground Shelter Construction.                                        Start at 04:45

Episode-755- Steven Harris on Making Alcohol Based Fuels at Home

Episode-782- James Sellars on Dealing With Anxiety           Start at 04:40

Episode-794- Chad Kuntz on Back Up Generators                Start at 07:52

Episode-797- Avoiding Prepper Burn Out                               Start at 05:49

Great episode for first year preppers who are overwhelmed

Episode-798- Steven Harris on Solar Heating Systems        Start at 06:24

Episode-806- Freedom and Liberty in a World of Tyranny    Start at 06:28

Episode-809- Passion, Persistence and Planning Always Beat Paranoia


 Episode-2463- Six Laws to Live Your Life By                                                                               

Episode-2478- Listener Calls                                                Start at 1:02:30

The trouble with out of site out of mind ( prepping food and equipment. )

Episode-2506- Modern Survivalism and Your Six Primary Survival Needs                                                                                                

Episode-2511- Freestyle Day on TSP                                     Start at 54:43

The rising danger of drone warfare


Episode-2522- The Serenity Bus Project with Brian and Sherry Hamons

The Survival Podcast Shows for New Listeners

         The Prepper Website Podcast

         The Realistic Preppers

Combatives - why you need to know how to fight!

Active Shooter / Church Security

Community: Why you don't want to hide in a bunker alone!

Mob Control & Heightened Situational Awareness










Five things you can do if people find out you are a prepper.





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