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Dr. Ken Barry 

Proper Human Diet

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An American Homestead

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Apartment Prepper

Apartment Prepper

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Back to Roots Farm

Soap, Hair & Body Care

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The Organic Prepper     

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5 Essential Homestead Machines to Have When the SHTF

Who Will Take Care of Extended Family Members Post-Disaster?


The Provident Prepper  

The Real Survivalists     

​This Old Prepper            

True Prepper                   


Stefan Verstappen          

​When Technology Fails 

                      Prepper Show's & Expo's 

​Prepper Shows USA.          

Prepper Survive

RK Prepper Show               

             Unemotional Critical Thinking Podcasts

I am a big fan of the above concept.  I believe the tools and the training in theses podcast are needed to survive the stress of the event.

The Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky Show

​No Safe Spaces Documentary

No Safe Spaces reveals how identity politics and the suppression of free speech are spreading into every part of society and threatening to divide America.

In the last segment of the podcast below, starting at 54:54, is a good statement on Adams Carolla's view of the Iranian protest and the history of mistakes the USA has made.

      Jordan Harbinger Podcast

The above is a good episode on dealing with the 15% bad guys who will not die soon after the event and will be looking at your compound. 


Backdoor Survival      

50 Mistakes Made By Preppers and What to Do About Them

Bluedock Media   Website Designer

Disaster Prepper ​        

Dr. Arthur Bradley.   NASA


ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE ( EMP ) explained in the interview below.

Disaster Prep Consultants               Author Jim Cobb

Disaster Web    

Doom and Bloom

Doc Bones & Nurse Amy

Emergency Essentials,   

10 Survival Apps You Need Now

EMpact America               



Food Forest Abundance

Get a Host Now           Wordpress Web Hosting

GrnTek Global Holdings

Ideas & technologies that transform rural communities

Grid Down Consulting     

Harvest Eating     Chef Keith Snow

Charlie Hogwood         


Homesteading Family 

Paul T. Martin                


Modern Living Homesteader

Modern Survival Online

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10 Critical Items Most Preppers Overlook

12 Plants that Will Surely Deter Trespassers

How to Start Prepping with $100

Suburban Survival: The Only Guide You Will Need


The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle Gear List

My Patriot Supply  

Never Free Farm    

No Grid Survival Projects

Off the Grid News         

Old School Survival Network . com

Perma Pastures Farm       Billy Bond



Plan and Prepared 

SHTF delusions that can bite you in the butt

Preparedness Advice

Prepper Camp        

Prepper Coach       

Prepper College     

Preppers Consulting

Prepper Net.      Forrest Garvin


Practical Preppers​​    Scott Hunt

​​              Prepare for Anything


Prepper Survive​

Prepping to Survive


The Preparedness Experience . com 

Ready Nutrition                                     

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17 Great Ways to Utilize 2-Liter Soda Bottles for Survival

The Barter Value of Skills

reThink Survival         

Emergency Preparedness 101: What to keep in your emergency kit

Create a Home Safety Plan for Your Family

Secret Garden of Survival      Rick Austin

How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest

Agorist Tax Advice with Matthew Serccely

1776 Patriots USA 


SHTF Blog              

SHIT Preparedness

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How To Start Prepping for Beginners

How to Build and Stock a Prepper Pantry

Special Operations Equipment, John Willis

Strong Roots Resources            Kerry Brown

Super Prepper          

What to Do Before, During, and After an Earthquake

Survival Cache          

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41 Essential Items For Sheltering in Place

DIY: Beer Can Alcohol Stove

Survivalist Boards     

​​Survivalist Prepper    

​​​Survival Blog    James Wesley, Rawles

Survival Dispatch     

Survival Mom​            

Survival Sullivan       


Site Recon for Tactical Prepping and Bugging Out

Survival Weekly       Jim Cobb


The Homesteading Hippy

The LOTS Project     Consulting and Management Services

The Prepper Journal