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Jack Spirko "The Survival Podcast"

Episode-2622- What to Do About CoVid-19 Right Now


Do a Internet search of the episode title to bring up a link.

Episode-5- Starting From Zero with Emergency Survival

Episode-8- 15 Misconceptions About Surviving Disasters

                         and Understanding Disaster Threats

Episode-10- 15 No Risk Survival Tactics

Episode-11- Can Socialism and Liberty Coexist?

Episode-13- The Individual Benefits of Green Energy

Episode-17- A Libertarian View of our Current Government

Episode-20- From Home to Homestead

Episode-25- Developing Situational Awareness for

                      Modern Survival Living

Episode-29- Setting and Prioritizing Survival Planning Goals

Episode-32- Making the Move from City to Country Living

Episode-33- The Unique Challenges of Economic Collapse               

                      Survival Planning

Episode-34- Seven Highly Underrated Survival Skills You                                                  Should Develop

Episode-35- Considering Your Options When Buying a Home

                      for Self Sufficiency

Episode-40- Is Global Cooling the Next Real Threat?

Episode-41- Thoughts on Flu Pandemic and Survival Planning

                      for Disease Outbreaks

Episode-42- Five Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

                      and Economy

Episode-43- Five More Lies that Attack Individual Freedom and Liberty

Episode-47- Why We Prepare – Lesson of the Grasshopper and the Ant

Episode-50- How to Survive – An Overview of Modern Survivalist Philosophy

Episode-59- The Issues Test – Where do you Stand – Does it Matter?

Episode-60- Keeping Your Head in Tough Times

Episode-66- Secondary Income Opportunities for Modern Survival

Episode-70- Stored Food Gives you a High Return on Investment

Episode-71- Watch out for combined threats

Episode-85 What if Nothing Goes Wrong

Episode-91- Survival Prepping is a Good Investment

Episode-102- Modern Survivalism Pulling it all Together – Part 1

Episode-103- Pulling it all Together – Part 2

Episode-116- Making Due With What You Have

Episode-118- Understanding Multiple Systems of Dependence

Episode-123- There is No Downside to the Survival Lifestyle

Episode-125- Mental Simulations of Disaster Scenarios

Episode-127- Why You Must Store Food

Episode-128- Turning a Home into a Homestead

Episode-129- 6 Emergency Heat Options

Episode-131- Making Beer and Mead at Home

Episode-137- Individual Secession from The Systems

Episode-138- What if Climate Change Means Global Cooling?

Episode-144- More on State Sovereignty

Episode-150- Are all Survivalists Right Wing Politically Speaking

Episode-151- Finding The Time To Prep

Episode-152- Dealing With Anti Survivalist Stigma

Episode-172- Developing the Survival Skills Kit – Part 1  Start at 08:00

Episode-173- Do You Hide Who You Are

Episode-174- 12 Simple Steps Toward Modern Survival Living

Episode-175- Planning vs Paranoia.                    Start at 5:35

Episode-178- Six Potential TEOTWAWKI Threats.  Start 4:50

Episode-183- Why Do Preppers Prep?                Start at 4:00

Episode-187- Conspiracy Theories Nonsense and Reality.    Start at 5:05

Episode-190- Is a Global Food Shortage Inevitable?                                                                                            Start at 13:34

Episode-191- Survival Reaction Mentality        Start at 14:27


Episode-193- Debt Elimination is Survivalism 101 Start 5:21

Episode-194 The Modern Survival Philosophy     Start 03:02

Episode-237- Listener Questions 

 A New Lady Prepper asks                                 Start at 07:33

How do you stay positive once you wake up to danger                                                                                       

Episode-239- Starting Out as a Young Survivalist                Start at 09:35

Episode-240- Audience Questions                                         Start at 08:36


What are the advantages/disadvantages of living                                        in the city, small towns, suburbs, remotely, etc.?

Is cooking an important skill to learn for SHTF and daily survival?

Episode-242- Overlooked Preps for Modern Survivalists    Start at 10:28

Episode-245- Dealing With A Job Loss                                  Start at 10:58

Episode-251- Prepper Mentality vs. Self Sufficient Mentality    Start  8:47

Episode-261- The Debt Prison vs. the Survivalist

Episode-264- The Core Concepts of The Survival Podcast Community

Episode-269- The Issues Test, Where Do you Stand and Why?

Episode-279- The Foundational Principle of Modern Survivalism

Episode-281- An Interview With Listener Barb Harrington

Episode-283- Emergency Vehicle Preparations ( Bug Out Vehicle )

Episode-284- 20 Simple Steps to More Independence

Episode-285- Listener Questions                                           Start at 46:15

What advice do I have on choosing a dog for a family companion and protector

Episode-286- The Homestead Dog                                           Start at 5:45

Episode-298- Starting the Journey from Grasshopper to Ant     Start 5:32

Episode-303- It is The Systems not The System                    Start at 06:42

Episode-309- 10 Thoughts on Rural Living

Episode-310- Listener Questions.                                           Start at 04:10 


  Could we ever go to a “flat tax”, why and why not ?

Episode-313- Audience Questions.                                         Start at 38:28

Why am I personally so loose on Operational Security ? 


What advice do I have for others on OPSEC ?

How can you open minds about prepping in 60 seconds ?

Episode-319- Ten Principles of Modern Survivalism.                 Start at 05:24

​Episode-320- The 5 Rules of Food Storage for Modern Survivalists      04:28

Episode-324- The Evil Twins of Debt and Taxes                          Start at 06:10

Episode-327- Listener Questions                                                  Start at 39:23

Settling a gun argument between a husband and wife,                                    is there a cut and dry answer

Episode-354- Four Rules of Storing Food                                   Start at 04:50

Episode-359- Can You Feed Yourself                                           Start at 06:09

Episode-369- The Cancer and Slavery of Debt                           Start at 06:54

Episode-370- Situational Awareness vs Normalcy Bias            Start at 04:19

Episode-371- 10 Under Rated Post TEOTWAWKI Skills             Start at 04:52

Episode-375- The Common Factors of Three Different Disasters  Start 06:47

Episode-376- Underrated TEOTWAWKI Skills from the Audience  Start 10:50

Episode-391- Individual Revolution and Freedom                     Start at 04:02

Episode-401- RVs as a Survival Prep                                      Start at 06:35

Episode-404- Food Storage for Better Living Today              Start at 07:20

Episode-416- Dealing With Violent Confrontations                Start at 09:15

Episode-421- How to Develop Your Personal Survival Plan  Start at 07:00

Episode-423- Thoughts on the Use of Deadly Force              Start at 04:17

Episode-435- The Revolution is You                                        Start at 10:12

Episode-437- The Road to Individual Energy Independence     Start 07:25

Episode-441- Survival Podcast Listener Feedback                Start at 52:33

How do you negotiate big ticket purchases like vehicles, boats,                real estate and RVs

Episode-442- Listener Feedback                                                  Start at 19:50

Thoughts on a carry gun for a Lady and problems with a Bersa 380

Episode-443- Change Your Nation By Changing Yourself         Start at 07:50 


Episode-450- The Bridge Between Self Reliance and Self Sufficiency  08:32


Episode-476- Building That Better Life                                   Start at 04:57

Episode-454- Listener Feedback                                             Start at 44:07

How do you deal with failure in life day to day, not just in a SHTF?

Episode-457- Putting Your House Hold in Order                   Start at 04:52

Episode-461- Why Survivalism?                                             Start at 06:38

Episode-464- Listener Feedback                                            Start at 10:36

Getting a worried spouse on board with gun ownership

Episode-463- Call In Friday                                                    Start at 20:06

Is your sewer system “electric” if so what does that mean

Episode-465- Technology Based Tools for Preppers

Episode-467- If the World Doesn’t End Won’t You Feel Stupid?       09:00

Episode-474- Disaster Probability, Impact and Commonality           05:58

Episode-475- What a Few Big Disaster Scenarios Might Be Like     05:51

Episode-476- Building That Better Life                                  Start at 04:56     

Episode-483- 20 Simple Steps to Basic Preparedness         Start at 05:56


Episode-485- Call In Thursday                                                 Start at 32:00


Chemical dependency and disaster

Episode-490- Establishing Local Resource Knowledge                             in Advance of Disaster                                                            Start at 06:00

Episode-492- Survival Podcast Call In                                    Start at 23:22

How do you get a resistant spouse to be okay with prepping

Episode-495- The Unique Needs of the Urban and Suburban Prepper

Episode-502- Bugging In vs. Bugging Out – Answering with Logic

Episode-503- The Goals of The Survival Podcast                 Start at 07:00

Episode-506- Why We Prep – The Real Reasons                  Start at 04:59

Episode-521- Why I Think The Way I Do                                Start at 05:08

Episode-528- Listener Feedback 10-11-10                             Start at 35:12

A story of how prepping for two teachers held a friend in need

Episode-531- Life On Your Own Terms                                   Start at 06:45

Episode-534- Prep? Save Money? Or Enjoy Life?                 Start at 05:18

Episode-536- Call In Friday                                                      Start at 04:58

How can a house hold of women deal with danger                                during a breakdown if unarmed

Episode-553- Ten Ways to Test Your Preps                            Start at 06:34

Episode-554- Listener Calls                                                     Start at 06:28

A listener relays his experience with a rural black out

Back up heating options

Using motorcycles in an emergency or during an energy crisis


Episode-564- Listener Feedback.                                            Start at 27:00

Dealing with stigma, bias and “fringe groups” calling themselves survivalists

Episode-610- Staying Positive in a World Full of Disaster    Start at 06:10

Episode-620- Frank Sharpe Jr. on Armed and Unarmed Self Defense 4:55

Episode-625- Keeping Your Wits When Others are Losing Their’s     05:38

Episode-626- Prepping from Starting Out to Advanced Tactics         05:40

Episode-632- Listener Calls.                                                    Start at 30:34

The real source of bias against preppers by media and the sheeple

Episode-635- Creating Your Vision of Liberty                        Start at 06:23

Episode-637- Listener Call.  Dealing with drug addicts during a SHTF

Episode-648- Reaching the Unreachable                                Start at 06:06

Episode-649- Listener Calls                                                      Start at 05:34

Self defense on vacation and situational awareness

Self defense tools for woman where a gun isn’t an option     


Episode-653- Thirteen Interesting Facts About Liberty.        Start at 05:07

Episode-670- The Power of Redundancy                                Start at 05:40 

Episode-672- Embracing Technology as a Modern Survivalist

Episode-673- Listener Calls. Start at 11:44

How do you deal with the dead in a SHTF scenario

Episode-677- Listener Calls.  Start at 41:09

Using high profile disasters to evangelize preparedness

Episode-680- 14 Steps to the Personal Libertarian Lifestyle.  Start 05:40

Episode-687- Listener Calls.  Start at 25:57

What can be done to get more women into survival living

Episode-689- Dr. Kyle Christensen on Herbal and Alternative Remedies

Episode-691- Listener Call.                                                     Start at 05:54  

 Is it getting easier to share prepping and if so why

Episode-704- Listener Feedback.                                                Start at 50:40

Dealing with deniers, the easy way.

Episode-707- Steven Harris on Bio Fuels for Personal Energy Independence.                                                                          Start at 05:33

Episode-712- Listener Calls.                                                    Start at 50:54

Keeping ( and Being an ) Every Day Carry Minimalist

Episode-732- Leadership and Its Role for American Survival  Start 04:49

Episode-743- Paul Seyfried on Nuclear Biological Chemical ( NBC ) Underground Shelter Construction.                                        Start at 04:45

Episode-755- Steven Harris on Making Alcohol Based Fuels at Home

Episode-782- James Sellars on Dealing With Anxiety           Start at 04:40

Episode-794- Chad Kuntz on Back Up Generators                Start at 07:52

Episode-797- Avoiding Prepper Burn Out                               Start at 05:49

Great episode for first year preppers who are overwhelmed

Episode-798- Steven Harris on Solar Heating Systems        Start at 06:24

Episode-806- Freedom and Liberty in a World of Tyranny    Start at 06:28

Episode-809- Passion, Persistence and Planning Always Beat Paranoia


 Episode-2463- Six Laws to Live Your Life By                                                                               

Episode-2478- Listener Calls                                                Start at 1:02:30

The trouble with out of site out of mind ( prepping food and equipment. )

Episode-2506- Modern Survivalism and Your Six Primary Survival Needs                                                                                                

Episode-2511- Freestyle Day on TSP                                     Start at 54:43

The rising danger of drone warfare


Episode-2522- The Serenity Bus Project with Brian and Sherry Hamons

The Survival Podcast Shows for New Listeners

Episode-2604- The Expert Council Show for 2-21-20           Start at 45:30

What might we see from 2nd amendment show downs like Virginia – Officer Steve Wise.

Jack Spirko comments on new proposed gun laws in Virginia.

What the media and the left fail to understand about he concept of “the boogaloo” – Jack