Water Speech and Supplies

There are many ways to do water depending on your situation. You can buy a space saving bath tub water bag to fill when the power goes out.   


​Bottled water is good for medical, cooking and bartering.  Gallons of water would be more practical to store.  For houses with a basement, garage, schools and churches.  I recommend 55 gallon drum's full of water and a 12 volt or hand crank pump or caged water tanks.  

Buy Apple Juice, Ice Tea and soft drinks in gallon, half gallon and 2 liter sizes.  Use these empty containers to store water.   Set a goal of having 300 of these.


Plastic Mart             plastic-mart.com

Look up totes caged water tanks in the search box

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter        lifestraw.com

Smart Bottle               smartbottleinc.com

Water Bob​                   waterbob.com

Water Brick ​                waterbrick.org